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Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP meetings, April to June 2023

Updated 19 October 2023
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Minister Date Name of organisation or individual Purpose of meeting
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-03 NSPCC, National Police Chiefs Council Launch of a new police-led specialist taskforce to investigate grooming gangs and bring the perpetrators to justice
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-03 Greater Manchester Police, Rochdale Borough Council, National Crime Agency, National Association for People Abused in Childhood Roundtable with police and partners to discuss the launch of a specialist taskforce and range of measures to crackdown on grooming gangs
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-03 The Maggie Oliver Foundation and survivors Survivors’ experiences of grooming gangs and the new specialist taskforce to crack down on perpetrators
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-04 The Archbishop of Canterbury Arrangements for the Coronation, international issues and religious faith in Britain
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-04 Greylock Partners The UK's position as an international tech centre, and AI and its future development in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-11 Andreessen Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz investment in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-17 The London Screen Academy, Day One Trust The work of the London Screen Academy, apprenticeships in the film industry and maths to 18
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-17 Oracle Oracle's work in the UK and the importance of maths to 18
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-19 Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton US political support and investment into Northern Ireland
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-24 Barclays plc, Aviva, Microsoft UK, Diageo, Advent, London Stock Exchange Group, Bank of America, Blackstone, Nestle, Sainsburys, Currys, Boots, Warner Music, Creative Industry Council, Netflix, Pinewood Group, Unilever, BAE Systems, Equinor, Shell Informal engagement with business leaders at a Business Connect event to discuss achieving economic growth through innovation
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-24 DeepMind The opportunities and risks of frontier Artificial Intelligence development, and the UK's role in its development
Rishi Sunak 2023-04-25 3 Dads Walking The 3 Dads Walking campaign to include suicide prevention in the Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum of schools
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-04 Universal Music Group The Government’s commitment to working with the  creative industries to promote growth and the implications of Artificial Intelligence for the music industry
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-04 Rupert Murdoch, Proprietor of News Corp, Rebekah Brooks, CEO,of News UK, Victoria Newton, Editor of The Sun Political discussion
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-08 Aidan Barclay, Director of Telegraph Media Group Social Meeting
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-09 Chris Evans, Editor of The Telegraph Political discussion
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-10 Hannah Bardell MP and constituent Raising awareness of Crohn's, Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-10 Coinbase Web3 technologies and cryptoassets regulation
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-11 Lord Chief Justice Regular meeting to discuss matters relating to the Judiciary
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-18 Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd Investment in the UK energy sector
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-18 Marubeni Corporation Collaboration with UK companies in the energy sector
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-18 Nissan Nissan's investment projects in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-24 DeepMind, Anthropic, OpenAI Roundtable with leading frontier AI companies on the risks and opportunities from frontier AI development
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-24 Stripe, Inc Maintaining the UK's commercial strength and agile regulatory environment, and Stripe's fundraising solutions
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-26 Alphabet, Google UK and Ireland The UK’s strengths as a technology superpower, the AI White Paper and regulatory guardrails, and Google’s investments in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-30 Kent Scientific Services, Kent Trading Standards, Kent County Council, Identifying and tackling illicit vaping
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-31 Tony Gallagher, Editor of The Times Political discussion
Rishi Sunak 2023-05-31 Tata Group Tata Group's priorities in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-05 The Macquarie Group Macquarie Group's presence and priorities in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-08 Thermo Fisher, Goldman Sachs, Cognizant, TIAA, Northrop Grumman Roundtable discussion with US business leaders on their businesses and UK/US trade
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-08 JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase businesses and investment in the UK
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-08 Snap The UK as a business destination for social media tech platforms and science and technology education
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-12 ICONIQ Capital, Braze, Motorway, Lendable, Miro, Causaly, Monzo, Google Deepmind, Maven Clinic, Retool, Brevan Howard Asset Management, Wise, Atomico, Remote, Snyk, Cohere, Supercell, Pigment, Benevolent AI, Zoopla, Founders Forum, Eden Global Partners, Matillion, Quantexa, Marshmallow, Silver Lake, Darktrace, VerSe Innovation, Oxford Nanopore,, Wolt, Simon Sinek, Informal engagement with tech entrepreneurs during dinner at No 10 to mark commencement of London Tech Week
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-16 Dr Henry Kissinger, Chris Nelson (Aide) The UK/US relationship and shared priority foreign and security policy challenges
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-18 West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Prior to participating in an evening shift to discuss hospital based acute care and hospital redevelopment plans
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-22 Rupert Murdoch, Proprietor of News Corp, Lachlan Murdoch, Chairman of News Corp, Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News UK, Tony Gallagher, Editor of The Times Participation in the Times CEO Summit on economic growth and subsequent social function
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-22 Amazon Amazon's presence and investments in the UK and the creative industries, and other areas of interest for the wider tech sector
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-27 NHS Providers, NHS Confederation, King’s Fund, The Health Foundation, Nuffield Trust, Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Royal College of General Practitioner, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Surgeons of England, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Medical Schools Council, Council of Deans of Health, Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Midwives, Royal Pharmaceutical Society NHS Stakeholder roundtable to discuss the NHS long-term workforce plan
Rishi Sunak 2023-06-28 Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg LP Social Function