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Transport Research Innovation Grant (TRIG): funding winners

Updated 6 June 2023
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Year Funded Project title Project summary Company Company Type Competition Type
2022 A Mobile Energy Buffer Unit (MEBU) to support rural transport decarbonisation The project assesses the feasibility of Mobile Energy Buffer Unit (MEBU), for providing EV charging support in rural areas. MEBU will connect to local microgrids and energy storage devices, ensuring resilient, cost-effective, and on-demand electricity supply. Historical transportation data from two sites, including a university research farm, will be analysed to evaluate environmental impacts and quantify MEBU's CAPEX/OPEX savings potential. The study will also design MEBU's architecture for AC/DC power exchange at various voltage levels, plan optimal charging stations and dispatch technologies, and evaluate economic benefits, market demand, and policy implications for future market routes. University of Leeds University TRIG
2022 A Multi-modal Passenger Assistance System for Aviation In collaboration with disabled and elderly passengers, Transreport is looking to developa user-friendly and compliant mobile app and web booking portal for accessible air travel. The project offers a multi-modal approach, incorporating new developments in aviation, and integrates seamlessly with the current proprietary technology platform, which includes rail elements. This solution is designed to simplify the booking process for individuals with accessibility requirements, ensuring a seamless travel experience. By working closely with passengers with varying accessibility needs, the technology is being developed with a focus on enhancing the overall travel experience for all, regardless of age or disability. Transreport Limited SME TRIG
2022 A novel data-driven approach to rapidly assess decarbonisation interventions to reduce the carbon emissions from HGVs The project aims to create a cost-effective and efficient method for evaluating the efficacy of technological interventions in decarbonising Heavy Goods Vehicles. Utilising a novel data-driven approach, they aim to eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive in-service trials that are subject to external factors. Their method will be validated through a combination of laboratory wind tunnel tests, controlled track tests, and normal operations. This approach will allow fleet operators to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and make informed decisions regarding decarbonisation. The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge University TRIG
2022 A novel modular railway friction measuring device, designed for widespread industry adoption During autumn, leaf fall reduces the friction between railway wheels and rails, costing the UK rail industry an estimated £350 million annually. Despite its negative impacts on delays, rail damage, safety, and the environment, the friction coefficient is rarely measured, making it difficult to assess the effectiveness of expensive (roughly estimated to £64 million per year) cleaning methods. Current friction measurement methods are expensive, complex, and fragile, hindering their widespread adoption in the industry. Sheffield Tribology Services is developing a novel tribometer to measure rail friction and enable regular measurements, resulting in significant cost savings and increased resilience to disruptions. Sheffield Tribology Services Start-up TRIG
2022 A scalable digital twin employing machine-learning to discover actionable insights into labour usage: upskilling requirements using data from scenario-based modelling to improve working structures for stevedores resulting in higher efficiencies of UK ports. Sea ports play a critical role in the UK's logistical supply chain, managing almost 500 million tons of freight annually and providing employment for over 100,000 individuals. Port congestion can cause significant disruptions to schedules, making planning more challenging. Such delays can result in increased costs throughout the supply chain. Labour is a crucial factor in port efficiency and throughput. To address inefficiencies in labour utilisation, Ensemble Analytics (EA) is partnering with multiple UK ports to develop a data-driven digital twin that provides actionable insights, resulting in higher UK port efficiency. Ensemble Analytics Ltd SME TRIG
2022 A smart, connected, cross-modal logistics monitoring solution for safety and efficiency The innovative use of AI and federated learning in the project enables the seamless connection of different nodes within the logistics process, allowing for a collective analysis of key metrics such as cargo status, availability, and capacity. By leveraging these technologies, the project seeks to increase visibility and transparency in the supply chain, particularly in the face of rising reliance on third-party logistics partners. This increased transparency will enable logistics providers to make better-informed decisions, reduce friction and delays, and ultimately lower costs for all parties involved in the logistics process. Overall, the project represents a significant step forward in the ongoing digitalisation of the logistics industry. RoboK Limited SME TRIG
2022 Advanced Vehicle Sensor Safety Analytics? Beryl technologists aim to use TRIG funding to enhance their smart IoT unit, featured on 15,000+ micro mobility vehicles in the UK. This will enable them to extract new sensor data to accurately identify unreported accidents and near misses during users' journeys (8-10 million annually). The findings will inform data-driven infrastructure improvements, ultimately improving cycle safety and perception. Beryl SME TRIG
2022 AirWing™ Wind Propulsion Regulatory Proof of Concept GT Green Technologies is a UK based startup developing innovative technologies to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for commercial shipping applications. Its flagship technology is a novel wind propulsion system named AirWing™ which is capable of reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions for commercial vessels by between 10%-30%. AirWing provides the highest achievable fuel savings whilst critically minimising impact on the operation of the vessel, making it an ideal solution for retrofit applications for vessels with cluttered deck layouts. GT Green Technologies holds a growing team of talented engineers and naval architects as well as establishing major strategic partnerships within the industry. GT Green Technologies Start-up TRIG
2022 ANT electric heavy duty robots to replace terminal trucks in ports (ANT4Ports). The project involves testing the efficacy of the ANT Machines autonomous tractor units, which were discovered through the Connected Places Catapult Maritime Flagship accelerator program. ANT Machines will work closely to the Port of Tyne. The goal of this projectis to aid ANT Machines in elevating their technology to a higher TRL level. As part of the BT 5G project implementation, the trial will encompass a container journey from the vessel to the yard, integrating AI container identification and damage checks into an autonomous vehicle (in stages), and linking road scanning into the digital twin and mobile cameras. Port of Tyne SME TRIG
2022 Autonomous battery swap system for 10-kg cargo UAVs utilising ground stations The project aims to conduct a feasibility study that delves into the obstacles of implementing autonomous parcel dispatch using delivery and cargo UAVs. The study will identify the optimal solution and produce a computer prototype design (TRL 2 to 4). To meet the standards set by the DAL-B aerospace guidelines, the system must be exceedingly dependable with a failure probability of less than one in every 10 million. The ultimate goal is to create a reliable and effective system for autonomous parcel dispatch, ensuring that deliveries can be made efficiently and safely. IONA Logistics Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Autonomous battery swap system for 10-kg cargo UAVs utilising ground stations The primary objective of the project is to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study that delves into the various hurdles associated with the cargo compartments and opening mechanisms of a 3x3.3kg Cargo UAV. The UAV will be utilised for day-to-day logistics in rural regions, with the aim of streamlining the transportation of goods in remote areas. Through this study, the project team will identify the most optimal solution for these challenges and develop a computer prototype design, which will be assessed at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 2 to 4. Additionally, the system will need to be dependable, adhering to the strict DAL-B aerospace standards, which require that the likelihood of failure be less than one in every ten million. IONA Logistics Ltd1 Start-up TRIG
2022 Autonomous navigation through rail stations for visually impaired persons MakeSense is committed to advancing technology that provides high-resolution navigational guidance to individuals with severe visual impairments. Through the use of computer vision and innovative technology, MakeSense aims to revolutionise how the visually impaired community navigates through public spaces, ultimately improving mobility and independence for a significant minority of UK citizens. As part of this mission, MakeSense is developing a bespoke railway station navigation application for visually impaired users. The app will utilise established Augmented Reality technology and smartphone sensors for obstacle avoidance. The integration with a haptic interface developed during TRIG 2021 will provide further guidance. Trials with visually impaired volunteers in collaboration with Bravo Victor and Imperial College London will validate performance. MakeSense Technology Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 BriefBike - A better e-bike for city transport The goal of this project is to create a bicycle that can be effortlessly folded in an instant, akin to an umbrella, while also being easy to walk with like a roller case. This bike should be able to store flat against a wall and have built-in cargo options that do not hinder its ability to move with the folded package. While a patented mechanism for folding the bike's frame has been demonstrated, technical hurdles still exist with regards to integrating and locking the handlebar fold to achieve a seamless single-action fold. Overcoming these challenges is crucial in realising the vision of a truly portable, practical, and functional folding bike. Better Bicycles Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 BunkerTrace: innovative marine fuel tracing technology providing the maritime industry with quality assurance and sustainability reporting from well-to-wake for low and zero-carbon fuels BunkerTrace is a cutting-edge technology platform that provides the maritime industry with an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability in relation to the origin and verification of bunker fuel. By tracking the entire supply chain, from well-to-wake, BunkerTrace enables shipping companies to ensure that the fuel they are using meets both quality and sustainability standards. This technology brings a new level of assurance to the industry, as it ensures that the fuel being consumed is of the highest quality and sourced from reputable suppliers. Furthermore, it enables shipping companies to report on their sustainability practices, which is becoming increasingly important in today's environmentally conscious world. By leveraging the power of technology, BunkerTrace is revolutionising the way the maritime industry approaches fuel sourcing and consumption. BunkerTrace Ltd. Start-up TRIG
2022 CCTV enabled citizen safety and security reporting. TelWAI's project aims to revolutionise public transport safety by enabling passengers to report any safety concerns they may have discreetly. By utilising advanced surveillance technology and data distribution, this innovative tool provides real-time reporting of safety concerns and enhances situational awareness for authorities. This technology can help prevent potential threats and ensure that passengers feel safe during their travels. TelWAI's project not only enables passengers to feel secure but also provides the necessary support for the authorities to take swift action if required. With this tool, public transport is expected to become safer and more secure for all. TelWAI Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Climate change resilient permeable pavement for a sustainable built environment Permeable pavements rapidly drain stormwater through otherwise impermeable infrastructure. They offer a solution to urban surface water flooding, however conventional systems are prone to clogging, require frequent maintenance and have low strength and durability. Imperial College London have developed a next-generation climate change resilient permeable pavement (Kiacrete) that addresses the longstanding challenges with conventional permeable pavements. The TRIG Programme will enable the development and testing of this technology to increase transport resilience to severe weather and flooding, whilst enhancing the road users’ safety. Imperial College London University TRIG
2022 Creating a new approach to community car sharing in rural areas, using a ‘car club in a box’ model Rural regions heavily rely on transportation to sustain their economic and social well-being. However, limited transport options in these areas lead to increased dependence on personal vehicles, further exacerbating the urban-rural divide. The shift towards low-carbon transportation will worsen these inequalities, with lower-income communities forced to invest in costly electric cars as the only viable alternative. A cost-effective and efficient rural car-sharing model can help address this problem. While existing models may not be suitable for rural settings, our partners have developed a solution. Our project aims to package this solution and make it accessible across the country. Edge Innovation Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Decarbonisation of Maritime using Advanced Power and Propulsion Technologies (DeMAPPT) Maritime transportation is vital to global trade and economic growth, but UK domestic shipping contributes 5-7% of UK emissions and 3% of global emissions. The majority of these emissions come from bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships, chemical tankers, and general cargo ships. Finding cost-effective solutions for decarbonising marine propulsion on existing assets is crucial. EGB Engineering’aims to develop modelling capabilities to investigate multiple technologies concurrently. The project will explore economically advantageous solutions for reducing emissions from large ships, enabling sustainable and responsible maritime transportation. EGB ENGINEERING SME TRIG
2022 Developing online and classroom hazard assessment and training for ambulance drivers Esitu Solutions offers online and virtual reality driver assessment and training for professional drivers, encompassing HGV, bus, van, and emergency service drivers. The company's primary goal is to improve driving skills and reduce risks through hazard perception tests and training. EsituDrive, the company's bespoke online platform, allows real-time monitoring of driver performance and risk ratings. The assessments and training are based on over a decade of research conducted at Nottingham Trent University, as well as 12 peer-reviewed articles. By evaluating and training drivers, Esitu Solutions assists clients in reducing collision costs and insurance expenses, resulting in safer and more efficient fleets. Esitu Solutions Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 Development of self-powered wireless mesh system for sustainable, cross-modal freight tracking. To tackle the future of freight challenge, this project introduces an innovative solution: light-powered wireless mesh freight tracking for both outdoor and indoor use. The existing battery-powered solutions face limitations in scalability and sustainability, which this approach overcomes. The use of Lightricity's PV technology, with its exceptional efficiency (>30%), makes it possible to power the wireless mesh nodes without batteries. This project is developing a proof of concept for this unique solution, which has the potential to revolutionise freight tracking and significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the logistics industry. Lightricity Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 Dynamic-stability-control system to make self-balancing vehicles safe, and viable as an unobtrusive, new Accessible/ inclusive personal-transport format. Forzuna are developing a novel dynamic stability control system for personal-mobility vehicles, enabling riders to safely enjoy urban, and off-road journeys, with effortless control. A new vehicle-format, which began as an accessibility necessity, evolved into a way for people of all abilities, to experience ‘mobility virtuosity’, a magical feeling, that highly-skilled equestrians, skateboarders and motorcyclists have been enjoying for decades. Forzuna Ltd. Start-up TRIG
2022 Electrostatic device to capture tyres wear Each year, Europe produces over one million tonnes of tyre particles, making it the second-largest microplastic polluter in oceans and a significant source of air pollution. To tackle this, the Tyre Collective is leading the charge with their cutting-edge clean technology startup. Their patent-pending device captures tyre wear at the source using electrostatics and airflow, preventing it from harming marine life and polluting the air. The captured particles can also be repurposed, creating a closed-loop system. By focusing on tyre wear, the Tyre Collective can address the primary source of vehicle pollution and strive towards true zero-emission mobility. The Tyre Collective Start-up TRIG
2022 Embankment Climate Risk Assessment {ECRA] The ECRA project aims to assess the feasibility of remotely obtaining crucial data for monitoring railway or road embankment failure risk caused by weather and climate change. The goal is to demonstrate proof of concept in a relevant environment using Un-crewed Aerial Systems (UAS) drone-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The project will conduct a field trial to determine if the data collected on deformation, moisture content, vegetation biomass/health, and soil type can effectively support the assessment of high slope stability risk areas. Surveyar Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Enhancing real-world decision-making by using connected digital twins and data to extend the World Avatar and model transport infrastructure during severe weather events. The World Avatar (TWA) is an innovative digital ecosystem that utilises semantic knowledge graphs to connect data and software across different sectors. The project aims to integrate routing agents into TWA, which will operate under constraints. These agents will use semantic road network descriptions to simulate flooding events as road closures and evaluate their impact on routing. In situations of extreme weather, cascading failures can occur, which worsen delays when transport users switch to alternative routes or modes of transport that may also fail subsequently. This approach is ideal for modeling reactionary delays as it allows for the modelling and storage of asset connections. TWA could potentially capture transport network connectedness with Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) assets and energy networks in the future, particularly in cases where physical access during extreme weather is essential. Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited SME TRIG
2022 ESSOP (Energy Storage Solutions for Ports) The urgent need for an affordable shore power solution in ports is driven by the increasing number of electric and hybrid vessels that require significant power supply while berthed. Connecting directly to the port's DNO sub-station can result in high energy costs during periods of peak demand. To address this issue, energy storage systems (ESS) can be installed in ports, enabling time-shifting of heavy loads to times of low demand and low prices. However, the optimal ESS capacity and type remain uncertain. The ESSOP project aims to evaluate candidate ESS options and simulate their performance under realistic usage scenarios. This will assist ports in selecting the most suitable and cost-effective ESS for deployment before 2030. MSE International (trading name of Marine South East Ltd) SME TRIG
2022 Exploiting eCall - Faster response, saving lives The project is a proof of concept software-as-a-service that utilises existing eCall datasets, mandatory in new cars and vans, to reduce response time to accidents and breakdowns on motorways and rural roads. The goal is to minimise fatalities, injuries, congestion, and emissions. The current data extraction process is not suitable for emergency services use. The project aims to filter, process, and present the data in a usable format to maximise road operators and 999 services' safety benefits, creating an appealing investment opportunity with licensed IP options and another route to market. VESOS Solutions Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 Fuel Consumption/CO2 Emissions Modelling Tool for Diesel Trains A new scenario modelling tool is being developed to provide operational planners with a better understanding of how their decisions impact fuel consumption and emissions. This proof-of-concept project uses data science techniques to validate theoretical models with real-world fuel consumption data, enabling Northern Trains to test and demonstrate how data can deliver greener, cleaner, and more affordable rail services. Chrome Angel Solutions Limited SME TRIG
2022 Future Ports and Marinas: Supporting the decarbonisation transition with decision support The goal of the project is to address the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in the shipping industry. The decision support tool will enable UK ports to transition towards green energy in an efficient and effective manner, contributing to the country's efforts to achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2050. The EPSRC DUKFT energy model will provide the framework to analyse each port's unique requirements and constraints, taking into consideration the type of activities and location. The tool will also offer guidance on investments needed to implement green energy solutions, making the transition accessible to ports of all sizes, including non-cargo ports. University of Strathclyde University TRIG
2022 GapFinder GapFinder leverages the power of geospatial intelligence, AI, and satellites to assist decision-makers, planning specialists, companies, and the public in reducing carbon emissions. The project aims to engage with crucial customer segments and launch two pilot initiatives in both urban and rural settings. Through the development and testing of interactive prototypes, GapFinder seeks to provide site search, network optimisation, carbon reduction, and monitoring solutions powered by AI and satellite data. The ultimate goal is to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future by enabling effective carbon emissions management. Optimal Cities Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Geolocation to improve passenger assistance & operational efficiency The project involves the implementation of indoor geolocation technology that enables passengers to track the location of the agent assigned to assist them, along with an estimated time of arrival. Ostrum tech plans to test the solution at one airport to determine its feasibility and gather feedback from passengers. This initiative aims to enhance the airport experience for passengers with disabilities or limited mobility. Ostrum Tech Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 G-TRANSPORT: Greening Transportation of Cargo Ships via Hybrid Wave Propulsion Large waves can significantly affect the speed and safety of cargo ships and contribute to increased fuel use and carbon emissions. To address this issue, G-TRANSPORT will be looking at using hydrofoils to stabilise the ship and harness the power of green waves for propulsion. This innovative approach can make ships more stable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. By reducing the impact of waves on the vessel, hydrofoils can improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, while generating propulsion from green waves can enable zero-emission travel. Adopting such technologies can be a game-changer for the maritime industry and support the transition towards sustainable shipping. Cranfield University University TRIG
2022 High-accuracy track condition monitoring using customer mobile phones and existing trackside optical fibres PolyChord, an advanced Data Analytics company, collaborates with Focus Sensors in the TRIG project to analyse data from line-side fiber optics and passengers' smartphones (with permission) to identify the causes of poor passenger experience and indicate pinpointed fault spots on the track for inspection. Transport operators highly anticipate the development of this cost-effective tool to direct teams to fix identified problems. PolyChord Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Hydrokinetic Power Generation for Small Ports and Marinas This project aims to develop hydrokinetic electricity as an alternative energy source for existing carbon-intensive power production. The project will deploy two small-scale hydrokinetic demonstration units at a UK marina location to test their viability as an alternative energy source. The project will determine the projected cost of energy for hydrokinetic power generation and define a pathway towards its adoption to support the decarbonisation of small ports and marinas in the UK. Achelous Energy Limited SME TRIG
2022 Improving air quality by reducing and capturing HGV emissions with scalable filtration solutions GoRolloe's air filtering technology aims to address the issue of non-exhaust particulate matter emissions from road freight vehicles. The company's innovative product is not only low-tech and cost-effective, but it can also be retrofitted onto existing vehicles without the need for modification. By utilising reusable filters and recyclable plastics, GoRolloe's product has a circular life cycle, making it both eco-friendly and sustainable. With this technology, the company is taking a significant step towards reducing the impact of freight transportation on the environment and promoting cleaner air for all. Go Rolloe Ltd. Start-up TRIG
2022 Improving Road Surface Maintenance and Safety for Bicycle Travel using SMART eBikes and Innovative Edge Machine Learning This project seeks to revolutionise the reporting of road conditions for enhanced safety during travel and efficient maintenance by local authorities. The team will build a hardware stack that monitors journey activity and communicates with local authorities. The cloud-based smart bike incorporates an onboard accelerometer sensor and embedded machine learning to capture data about road surface quality from the perspective of cyclists. By providing this valuable information, the solution aims to optimise resource allocation and streamline labor requirements, thus saving time and money for local authorities. Ultimately, the project aims to prioritise and allocate resources where they are needed most for better road safety and maintenance. Boundless Mobility Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Improving station lift access for passengers with disabilities The enhancement of lift services is crucial for disabled passengers to access railway stations. The project aims to improve the existing lift system, providing disabled individuals with reliable and stress-free travel on the rail network. Leonard Cheshire, a UK disability charity, found that the inaccessibility of the country's rail network is a significant barrier for disabled people seeking employment. This project uses an innovative monitoring approach that is more efficient, less disruptive, and allows for quicker asset maintenance. Our approach involves transitioning from individual asset data collection to a unified monitoring system capable of detecting minor changes, using running signature analysis and real-time visualisation during onsite maintenance to facilitate proactive maintenance. DBR & Associates Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Integrated ocean hubs, Hydrogen generation on buoys for open sea refueling. Solar panels on 5G buoy digital ocean platforms have been found to generate a notable amount of excess power. The project aims to explore and establish a proof-of-concept solution for generating and storing electricity and hydrogen on these platforms. The objective is to create an offshore zero-carbon refueling center for wind farm construction, wind farm service vessels, and other vessels that require refueling but do not wish to return to port. This innovative initiative has the potential to offer a sustainable and efficient solution to the emerging needs of the marine industry. Jet Engineering System Solutions Start-up TRIG
2022 Integrated Virtual Operations Support (VOS) – Rapid Impact Assessment of customer data feeds to support risk-based asset stabilisation and network recovery from the impacts of extreme events. This project looks to implement the Virtual Operations Support (VOS) approach to enhance the capacity of highway authorities in managing extreme events and gaining situational awareness. Through a five-step information management process, the project aims to consolidate various data sources gathered in councils' call centers and highway operations rooms. The resulting technical rapid impact assessment will serve as a crucial information baseline to guide stabilisation and recovery efforts. East Riding of Yorkshire Council Local Authority TRIG
2022 Luna (Personal Sign Language Avatar Assistant) As an official language in the United Kingdom, British Sign Language plays a crucial role in enabling many individuals to access information. Nonetheless, public transport information in British Sign Language remains inaccessible. The project seeks to address this issue by leveraging Luna, a personal digital sign language assistant, in conjunction with existing passenger solutions. By offering passengers on-demand wayfinding, journey information, and onboard announcements in British Sign Language on their devices, the project aims to equip more individuals to travel independently on public transport with confidence. The objective is to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for all members of the community. GoMedia Services Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Machine vision for live congestion estimation on train carriages The UK rail system suffered from congestion and overcrowding, affecting 55% of passengers in 2019, with cancellations and delays costing the economy nearly £8M weekly, particularly in Northern England. This project aims to develop a novel machine vision system to identify congestion on trains accurately. The objective is to provide passengers with live and precise information about how crowded trains are, empowering them to plan their journeys ahead and change them. Additionally, disabled passengers and those with mobility aids can benefit by knowing available spaces and empty seats on board. The interdisciplinary team includes experts in Machine Learning and the UK railway industry from both academia (University of Brighton) and industry (Distributed Analytics). Distributed Analytics Solutions Start-up TRIG
2022 Marine Seawater HHO Generator for Complete Combustion Drivetrain – Proof of Concept Duodrive is exploring innovative technologies with "next-to-zero" greenhouse gas emissions for a zero-carbon solution, focusing on non-highway applications from their TeesSide base with support from TeesSide University. Storage constraints currently hinder carbon-reduction strategies in the maritime, aviation, and other sectors with similar on-board green-fuel storage/use. The Department for Transport is looking to decarbonise the marine industry with ammonia as the future green fuel, and hydrogen as an immediate stepping stone. The project aims to find a more direct pathway that avoids problematic hydrogen storage. Duodrive's Complete Integrated Combustion Drivetrain, which is suitable for new builds and retrofits, aims to be the most efficient use of green electric power in the maritime industry's complete decarbonisation progress. Duodrive Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 Mobility options for travel generators outside cities – a scoping study The Department for Transport aims to reduce carbon emissions in urban transport, but decarbonising transport outside cities remains a challenge due to car dependence, poor public transport, and limited active travel options. To address this, the University of Hertfordshire's Smart Mobility Unit (SMU) is exploring sustainable transport solutions outside cities while considering equality and inclusion impacts. The project focuses on reducing single occupancy car use, co-creating zero-emission transport solutions, and providing inclusive "mobility as a service" and EV charging options on the University's peri-urban campuses. The project serves as a test bed for sustainable transport options outside of cities. University of Hertfordshire Higher Education Corporation University TRIG
2022 Optimisation of last mile delivery utilising the latest algorithms, material handling technology and network infrastructure design. The project aims to boost fleet operating efficiencies through the introduction of specific algorithms for freight consolidation, as well as mobile hub and CoolRun features. The Algorithm People team will conduct a feasibility study by leveraging advanced machine learning and AI algorithms along with Hubl's CoolRun Pods and local supply chain networks. The focus is on exploring opportunities for freight consolidation through a simulated network design that combines static and mobile consolidation hubs with click-and-collect nodes. This approach differs from the traditional bottom-up approach by using an algorithm-based methodology to input desired objectives and optimise lower-level infrastructure and resource parameters. The Algorithm People Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Personalisation in Rail Esoterix’s ambition via the "Personalisation in Rail" project is to track the travel patterns of a minimum of 5,000 rail commuters throughout 2022. By analysing their travel history, including frequency, variety, and ticket types, along with the timing and location of their journeys, machine learning algorithms will identify and assign each passenger to one or more passenger types. The project will showcase how rail operators can utilise this information to personalise their communications with passengers, ensuring that messages are prioritised and tailored to individual needs. Esoterix Systems Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Project Abacus: driving transport decarbonisation with accurate and engaging carbon data As the world becomes more climate-aware, carbon footprint data can drive faster transport decarbonisation. Other Way's project Abacus offers a software platform that simplifies complex numeracy and visualises data to help transport businesses shape specific sector needs. The project will evaluate how carbon data is currently communicated and establish best practices for data communication. Through collaboration with pioneer clients, innovative carbon data reports will be tested in the market. Abacus aims to share climate communication best practices with UK transport businesses, accelerating their efforts towards a carbon-neutral future. Other Way Climate Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 Promoting the Utilisation of Driver Advisory System for Energy Saving: System Development and Trial Test Train automation is key to reducing carbon emissions, but full automation is still a long way off. Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) offer a transition to automation, with demonstrated energy savings. However, usability challenges remain. The project aims to identify the impact of DAS, propose solutions to improve performance and energy savings, and contribute to the UK's decarbonisation objectives. Improved system design and user interactions will be explored to overcome existing limitations. University of Birmingham University TRIG
2022 Radar-based noise cameras – for peaceful cities, tranquil minds, and lower carbon emissions Loud vehicles are a global health hazard and social nuisance. Unfortunately, it's difficult for law enforcement to isolate the sound of a single vehicle in noisy urban environments. To solve this, General Noise is using "laser listening", a technique that can focus on single vehicles’ noise which was first developed for military and espionage purposes. The company has adapted a police radar that successfully measured vehicle noise under laboratory conditions. With TRIG funding, the same technology can now be tested in real-world conditions. The project will scrutinise radar's performance against a range of vehicle body shapes commonly found on public roads. General Noise Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Rail Power - Vibration Energy Harvesting RailPower is an innovative project that aims to convert vibrations at the rail/wheel interface into usable power for low-power applications such as train detection, remote sensing, and telecoms. The system uses piezoelectricity principles, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution to power digital transformation across the UK's rail infrastructure. The vision for RailPower includes a series of generating modules connected to the outer rail web via a magnetic casing. The number of modules will depend on the power requirements of the equipment they support. Rolling stock passing over the rail vibrations will create a charge that is captured by a battery or used for instantaneous operations. London South Bank University University TRIG
2022 Real-time Adhesion Estimator for Improved Rail Transportation The rail industry invests in low adhesion mitigation measures, which however could have a negative impact on the rolling stock’s breaking performance. . Such challenge has an impact on operations and finances. The project led by Huddersfield University aims to create a novel measurement system using on-train data to estimate adhesion in real-time. It will measure actual adhesion levels and low adhesion locations. The method uses fundamental mechanics laws linking wheel acceleration, brake force, and available adhesion. The proposed system will enable better management of low adhesion and mitigate its impact on railway operations and society. University of Huddersfield University TRIG
2022 Reference Grade, Self Calibrating Chemiluminescent Sensors for accurate transport air quality monitoring and automation of mitigation solutions Air pollution is a serious issue, with some areas experiencing higher concentrations of pollutants than others. To monitor this, cities require many sensors to measure air quality. The innovation proposed by We Care 4 Air proposes to use low-cost, high-accuracy sensors that could revolutionise air quality monitoring and enable better control of traffic lights, HVAC systems, Sat Nav, and ventilation in the maritime and aviation industries. We Care 4 Air SME TRIG
2022 Rock Climber: designing and developing a high mobility powered wheelchair to positively impact user equality, access in society, whilst decreasing carbon consumption and increasing wheelchair performance and usability. Rock Climber, a revolutionary electric wheelchair concept that enables unprecedented access to both urban and rural environments, promotes equality and freedom for users. Through a single design solution, the prototype will showcase superior features including size, easy-to-manouvre, obstacle-climbing ability, range of operation, and overall appeal, surpassing current electric chair offerings. Rock Engineering Limited (REL) leverages its extensive vehicle design expertise to overhaul each system, empowering users with the confidence to independently explore and enjoy their surroundings, reducing reliance on external transport and support. Rock Engineering Limited SME TRIG
2022 Safe Walking Routes The Safe Walking Routes initiative aims to enhance journey planning resources for at-risk travelers. It expands on Passenger's feasibility study, conducting research to identify user expectations and evaluate the feasibility of meeting them. The resulting insights will inform practical guidance and policies for journey planners to offer secure and alternate routes. Additionally, the study aims to encourage journey-planning software providers to adopt these practices as recognised industry standards. Passenger Technology Group Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Sail recycling: a synthetic biology approach Sustainable Sailing aims to tackle the disposal of 1000 tonnes of end-of-life sails, which cannot be accommodated by current upcycling processes, leading to landfill waste. The project will recycle Dacron and Mylar sails, representing 89% of sails produced, using engineering, industrial biotech, and green chemistry. Through collaboration with B&M Longworth, Farapack Polymers, and the University of Edinburgh, Sustainable Sailing will demonstrate that recycled sails can produce new sails or high-value compounds using waste feedstock, reducing landfill waste and decreasing dependence on finite, crude oil-based chemistry. Sustainable Sailing ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Scene Tech The project's aim is to decrease the concentration of harmful particles in transport systems air by harnessing microalgae's natural filtration abilities, resulting in a healthier and more agreeable commuting environment. Although earlier research has centered on CO2 capture, this project will examine the potential of this technology in addressing harmful PM2.5 and PM10 particles. AEGIS Engineering Systems (AES) Ltd Large TRIG
2022 SEFAD-lite: Ship Emission Filtration and Decarbonisation-2 SEFAD-2 aims to develop a customised carbon filtration system using novel metal-organic framework (MOF) adsorbents for the shipping industry. The system is a cost-effective and retrofit solution that captures CO2 emissions both at sea and in port, promoting the transition to low emission and zero-carbon energy systems. It also boosts the national maritime supply chain, increases job opportunities, and benefits the economy through manufacturing and exports. C-MAT technologies SME TRIG
2022 Skybus: Large eVTOL based Advanced Air Mobility network for the UK. This project explores the feasibility of deploying electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) on suitable routes, identifying socio-economic benefits and practical solutions to adoption barriers. The project will also evaluate the potential of GKN's Skybus concept, involving bus-sized eVTOLs operating alongside air taxis, in a multi-modal transport system for the UK. GKN Aerospace Large TRIG
2022 SKYTUG: Kite System SmallScale Proof-of-Concept The SKYTUG project aims to validate remote, mechanised launch, control, and recovery of kites using a small-scale prototype. Prior work demonstrated the system's principles, including stable kite array flight, hydrodynamic performance, and feasibility. Successful mechanical tests have been conducted on the kite handling systems. Through TRIG, the project will look into building and demonstrating working prototypes of new, lightweight airborne systems. The soon-to-be-patented launch, flight, and recovery process will be showcased, where kites are added one by one to create a high-powered wind propulsion system. Bluewater Engineering Limited Start-up TRIG
2022 SmarTrax very light rail infrastructure feasibility study and prototype Rural areas lack accessible, affordable, and dependable passenger rail transport due to the high costs of installing and maintaining heavy-gauge railways. We suggest using rail networks to connect isolated rural areas and curb emissions from road transport. The SmarTrax system provides a lightweight, autonomously monitored, and low-capital-cost rail infrastructure that can restore historical lines and improve passenger rail transport. This TRIG project will test the system's performance and resilience through finite element analysis under various loading conditions, enhancing its design for optimal durability. A full-scale prototype will be manufactured to showcase the system to potential customers while providing further testing opportunities. Greenway Innovations Limited SME TRIG
2022 SoRADash – Societal Readiness Assessment interactive dashboard & integrated web tools for optimising transport decarbonisation innovations The project aims to create a dashboard for assessing the Societal Readiness Level (SRL) of transport decarbonisation innovations. Users can complete a questionnaire and receive their SRL result, along with recommendations for activities to increase their innovation's readiness. The dashboard offers self-service tools for SoRA activities, including stakeholder and value mapping, visioning and backcasting, and co-design. By utilising this dashboard, users can gain insight into the current SRL of their innovation and take actionable steps to improve its readiness for societal implementation. Lancaster University University TRIG
2022 The RAPIDD Digital Twin The RAPIDD Digital Twin is a cutting-edge tool that allows planners to assess, prioritise, and expedite local transport decarbonisation interventions using data and science. It integrates large amounts of complex data and quantitatively models the decarbonisation impact of intervention scenarios over time. The tool also creates a metaverse-like output, enabling policy makers and the general public to engage with the data and become change agents. With comparative scenario value add and ROI dashboards, RAPIDD empowers planners to make informed investment decisions for impactful decarbonisation. Slingshot Simulations, Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 The reality of driver distraction: innovating education using virtual reality technology to improve road safety Enhancing driver education through the development and testing of new immersive VR approaches is the goal of this innovative project led by the Open University. A mixed reality approach will enable users to fully immerse themselves in a virtual driving world while still interacting with the real-world vehicle environment. Drawing on both psychological and technological expertise, an open-box toolkit of tried and tested approaches will be created. This toolkit will be designed to develop fully immersive, mixed reality scenarios that can be utilised for various road safety training, education, and research purposes. The Open University University TRIG
2022 The STORM Digital Twin: Supporting Transport Resilience with Modelling The STORM Digital Twin boosts transport resilience against severe weather with an innovative solution. By integrating holistic data, visualisation, and mobility-flooding co-simulation, transport planners can anticipate issues and select optimal multidisciplinary responses to mitigate cascading impacts on the network. This approach improves transport for users by proactively preparing for adverse events, and the solution is scalable to operations and maintenance. STORM demonstrates how technology can enhance preparation, response, and recovery for transport systems. Slingshot Simulations, Ltd Start-up TRIG
2022 Using AI to identify, locate, and track the deterioration of assets The project aims to showcase the potential of machine learning and image processing in detecting and tracking defects in brickwork transport infrastructure. The scope covers capturing image data through remote platforms, creating precise 3D photogrammetric models, and generating a spatial 3D database of identified defects. The resulting database can be utilised by engineers to evaluate asset deterioration. CC Informatics Ltd SME TRIG
2022 WMC300LM: Aerodynamic First/Last Mile Hybrid Delivery Motorcycle Using the successful Advanced Propulsion Centre and Niche Vehicle Network-supported aerodynamic hybrid first responder motorcycle (WMC300FR) for the Emergency Services as a foundation, this project aims to develop a first/last mile hybrid motorcycle. The Emergency Services motorcycle has already proven its worth in the real world, boasting a 44% greater range and 44% lower CO2 emissions than comparable motorcycles. The project will enhance efficiency and double the battery capacity, while creating a flexible platform for a first/last mile hybrid motorcycle to further reduce local CO2 emissions. The pilot fleet is set to launch by mid-2024 with plans for commercial availability. White Motorcycle Concepts Ltd. SME TRIG
2022 World's 1st Sodium-Ion Powered Quadricycle The project aims to showcase an innovative and sustainable energy storage solution for modern mobility. With a focus on safety, affordability, and sustainability, the team will construct and evaluate a battery pack and EV skateboard utilising their proprietary technology. The battery innovations incorporated advanced cell system integration, control, and safety measures, aiming to create a streamlined and lightweight battery pack that is both low cost and secure. TaiSan Motors Ltd. Start-up TRIG
2022 Zero Emission Coach Optimiser: a cloud-based tool designed to collect and analyse data, with the goal of accelerating the transition of the coach industry to net zero. This project will create a cloud-based tool that collects and analyses data, to accelerate the coach industry's transition to net zero. The system considers route information, historic data, and power availability at depots, and pulls from various online sources to create a customised plan for each operator. Only 1% of newly purchased coaches are currently zero emissions, so the tool is necessary for change. Blue Marble Associates Ltd SME TRIG
2022 Zero Emission Port Bunkering (ZEPB) Steamology's emission-free power turbines provide a "plug-and-play" alternative to diesel engines in marine, rail, and road transport. However, the lack of hydrogen fuel bunkering at smaller ports impedes the adoption of zero-emission technology. The Zero Emission Port Bunkering (ZEPB) initiative aims to study and address this issue by examining the challenges of establishing bunkering and refueling infrastructure in small UK ports. The study will cover aspects such as renewable energy sources, electrolysis, gas compression and storage, supply chain, CAPEX, OPEX, and regulatory requirements for fueling Steamology and hydrogen technologies in workboats and small port marine traffic. Steamology Motion Ltd Start-up TRIG
2021 5G Smart Connected Port Data Dashboard This project conducts detailed R&D for an innovative system using both floating 5G buoys and cloud computing to provide weather and sea-state conditions, extending the data horizon to port sea channels and open ocean. JET Engineering System Solutions LTD SME TRIG
2021 A Passenger TOC Virtual Service Laptop to Enable Safe and Reliable Digital Maintenance This project will demonstrate a solution for secure maintenance operations capable of integration with legacy and new railway vehicles, to protect the integrity and reliability of rail passenger services. RazorSecure Limited SME TRIG
2021 A toolkit to evaluate port side infrastructure requirements for rural islanded communities This project will develop an accepted methodology which informs on the different infrastructure requirements for a range of energy demand scenario options which support holistic port operation over the short, medium and long term, as well as the associated optimal technology & cost options for each phase. The University of Strathclyde University TRIG
2021 Accelerating the ICE-to-EV transition The project aims to advance critical components central to delivering a mobile phone app to offer an individual's electric vehicle assessment over an internal combustion engine car. By differentiating between public and private transit choices, it can accurately single out and analyse their ICE trips. TravelAi Ltd SME TRIG
2021 AI infrastructure for a cargo bike logistics transition in the last mile of urban freight This project aims to develop AI technology and software to provide actionable information for larger logistics operators to support their transition to cargo bike logistics. Kale Collective SME TRIG
2021 All passengers travel equally - eliminating AI bias from customer communications in UK public transport Wordnerds proposes to build a new, agile neural network which has two unique features: it is specifically trained to minimise bias in the UK, and it is trained on passenger data (rail and aviation). Nerds with Words SME TRIG
2021 Brake-Actuated Steering to reduce the carbon emissions of HGVs This project aims to develop and test a novel, low-cost, and lightweight active rear-steering system, Brake-Actuated Steering, to improve the manoeuvrability of a wide range of vehicle types. The manoeuvrability improvements will unlock the use of higher capacity vehicles in many urban and rural areas, improving efficiency, reducing emissions, and operating costs. In addition, the system eliminates tire wear during cornering, enabling the use of fuel-efficient tyres. University of Cambridge University TRIG
2021 Bus Network Performance Measurement Tool This project will develop an interactive bus performance reporting and analysis tool built on DfT Open Bus Data. This will support the bus sector as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic by: providing cost-effective/automated bus service performance monitoring and reporting (as required by the National Bus Strategy), providing industry-leading insights identifying quick-wins to improve service as we emerge from COVID-19 and delivering new insights to support bus service improvement planning. City Science Corporation Limited SME TRIG
2021 Circular economy battery for e-bikes and e-scooters This project will develop a battery for e-bikes and e-scooters designed specifically for the circular economy (i.e. it is modular with individual parts that can easily be reused, refurbished, or recycled). Flit (Cambridge) Limited SME TRIG
2021 Climate Change Resilience - Autonomous Flood Protection for Critical Transport Infrastructure and Assets The project aims to incorporate an innovative self-deploying flood barrier technology system into existing structures (e.g. Oyster terminals) to build-in climate change resilience with our game-changing autonomous flood protection system. AJEA Products Ltd SME TRIG
2021 Coordinated Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vessels This project focuses on a proof-of-concept and implementation of advanced energy storage systems based on ultra-capacitor and superconducting magnetic technologies including power-electronic converters and controllers, and their integration to electric vessels. University of Birmingham University TRIG
2021 CurbCargo Limited - reducing pollution and congestion from freight in our cities The project entails the development of technology for the management of freight delivery/collection bookings and the use of this data to track and report the environmental impacts and prompt interventions to reduce vehicle movements e.g. by changing delivery frequency, vehicle type, and inter-company collaboration e.g. use of common suppliers. CurbCargo Limited SME TRIG
2021 Delivering real-time forecast of electric vehicle charging demand to support the life cycle of public charging infrastructure and better investment decisions This project will develop a technology that analyses patterns on how charging stations are accessed in different areas and at different times of day, and forecasts future demand for public charging. Evotrack Ltd SME TRIG
2021 Development of “Sharing Logistics” with Embedded Trust Models for Near-Zero Carbon Delivery This project proposes the development of an AI-driven Community-based Sharing Logistics Network by unlocking unused boot spaces of individuals making private journeys. This is to address the need for more logistics capacity driven by the shift to online shopping and consumers' need for faster delivery. Anteam SME TRIG
2021 Development of a Control Module for intermodal operations on an innovative Underground Freight Transport system (UFT) Supported by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), the Underground Freight Transport system is an emerging innovative concept using the sub surface to mode shift freight from road-based HGV to electrically powered capsules travelling autonomously on rail tracks in low cost tunnels. Mole Solutions Ltd SME TRIG
2021 DockChain: EV charging at scale - prototype device project "DockChain" is a prototype unit for charging electric vehicles, it provides the speed and operational benefits of rapid DC-charging with the cost of equipment normally associated with slower AC-charging. Go Eve Ltd SME TRIG
2021 EcoCool - a solar-powered transportable refrigeration container The proposed project would entail designing, developing, and testing of EcoCool in the UK. EcoCool is a solar-powered transportable refrigeration container, EcoCool was developed to provide a more sustainable means of transporting goods (perishable and non-perishable) in the logistics industry. EcoCool SME TRIG
2021 Freight Wagon Condition Monitoring Trial (FWCOMS) This collaboration between Fishbone and MoniRail, to deliver the FWCOMS project, is focussed on the application of remote condition monitoring approaches for freight wagons to identify and monitor both train and track faults to enable the application of predictive maintenance approaches for both freight vehicles and track. Fishbone Solutions SME TRIG
2021 Further Development of the World's First Liquid Hydrogen (LH?) Bunkering Facility for Zero-Emission Ships This small-scale proto-production unit provides a physical concept of the liquid hydrogen bunkering facility concept. This project aims to develop the control and instrumentation system, and to test the facility using liquid helium or liquid hydrogen. Unitrove Innovation Limited SME TRIG
2021 Human Centred Pedestrian Avoidance System: Modelling and Testing (HumanPAS) This project will research and develop a Human-like Pedestrian Avoidance System. The proposed pedestrian-aware automated vehicle decision making and control system will enable the automated vehicles to avoid pedestrians like human driven vehicles, making the automated vehicles' performance more human like, natural and acceptable from both on-board drivers and the other road users. Queen's University Belfast University TRIG
2021 HySense: Intelligent interface between infrastructure and rolling stock/end user designed to manage, monitor, maintain and optimise hydrogen use, demand, and supply across a transport network This project will create an information network that provides accurate, intelligent, and comprehensive usage and status data to fleet users of hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen generation sites. Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions Ltd. SME TRIG
2021 Improving incident response on Britain’s rail network through automatic train identification This project will develop technology that can automatically determine a caller’s train anywhere in Great Britain, enabling a faster and more informed response, making railways safer and increasing passenger confidence. Signalbox Technologies Limited SME TRIG
2021 Increased automation of hydrogen-battery power systems for uncrewed vessels The project team are designing and building a zero-emission uncrewed surface vessel powered by a novel liquid hydrogen propulsion system. The project will focus on designing and building an advanced control and optimisation algorithm with a specific focus around the control of liquid hydrogen powered marine vessels. ACUA Ocean SME TRIG
2021 INORAIL: Indirect Inspection of Railway Bridges using Train-borne Monitoring System This project aims to produce a damage detection system for railway bridges using an instrumented train that can inspect bridges on the network while travelling at operational speed. University of Surrey University TRIG
2021 Last Mile Freight Hub Planner (LMF Hub) Demonstrator LMFHub is designed for town and city transport planners, to facilitate their need to build infrastructure that will meet decades of rapid change. This is ambitious and a prototype will be trialled by Transport for Greater Manchester during the project. CGA Simulation SME TRIG
2021 Levelling-up Freight – maximising current and unlocking additional rail freight capacity This project aims to maximise current rail freight capacity and unlock additional rail freight capacity by developing a solution which identifies the capacity to run additional freight trains and facilitates 'last minute' bookings, making rail freight more agile. 3Squared Ltd. SME TRIG
2021 Low carbon food transport refrigeration trucks with hydrogen fuel cell and metal hydride reactors In this project, a novel hydrogen fuel cell (H2FC) system for Food Transport Refrigeration Trucks (FTRT) will be designed and simulated. The metal hydride (MH) tanks will be applied to ensure compact and safe onboard hydrogen storage. Meanwhile, the hydrogen desorption process from the MH tanks will be applied to produce cooling for the refrigerated storage and thus eliminate the conventional refrigeration system. London South Bank University University TRIG
2021 Low-cost sensor system for enhanced bridge flood resilience This project aims to develop a tool for early warning and real time scour risk assessment of bridges exploiting information from flood forecasting, hydraulic modelling, and low-cost flow sensors. University of Strathclyde University TRIG
2021 Machine Learning-Based Intelligent Driver Platform to Make Diesel & Electric Commercial Vehicles More Energy Efficient To support driver’s changing skills requirements, this project will leverage Hypermile’s smartphone-like device and AI technologies to develop a driver training platform for diesel and electric trucks. The product will identify sections of inefficient driving along a journey and provide feedback on how the same scenario could have been driven more efficiently. The platform will allow fleet managers to monitor their fleet in real-time, identifying underperforming vehicles. Hypermile (Trading Name); Creation Labs AI Limited (Legal Name) SME TRIG
2021 Marine Clean Energy Multi-Motor Feasibility Project for Large Commercial Vessels A feasibility study to define operational parameters and design characteristics for a unique gearbox that delivers electric propulsion in an efficient manner for use in large vessels not currently capable of transferring to clean powertrains. Ecomar Propulsion Limited SME TRIG
2021 Modular Onshore Power Supplies (ModOPS) The project will undertake three tasks to validate the Modular Onshore Power Supplies (ModOPS) concept in a modelled environment: refine the ModOPS concept based on trials and deployments of onshore power supplies, validate the ModOPS capability against key UK use cases and evaluate different business model options to mobilise investment. MSE International SME TRIG
2021 Non-linear boat-tails (NONBOTS): A pathway to realising future Heavy Goods Vehicle aerodynamic performance This project seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of a novel, small-scale prototype trailer incorporating a new non-linear boat-tail design concept as a means for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drag reduction. Brunel University London University TRIG
2021 Novel ultrasound navigation and collision avoidance phased-array sensor This project aims to develop a novel, fully embedded ultrasound-based navigation and collision avoidance system encompassing phased-array technology that offers unprecedented combination of high performance, flexibility, and low cost for autonomous vehicles. Calyo SME TRIG
2021 Optimal Control of Hydrogen Driven Marine Vehicles The project considers the modelling and control design of a power management system to optimize the energy used in a zero-emissions marine vessel. The distribution of energy between power sources, storage systems and actuators will be controlled using an advanced model based optimal control design approach. Industrial Systems and Control Limited SME TRIG
2021 Optimal Planning for Rural and Urban Mobility Hubs This project will develop a system to identify the optimal locations for Mobility Hubs using AI-based generative design. Our system will help Local Authorities understand the opportunity and benefit of Mobility Hubs within their region, supporting the business case for their development, and understanding what modes to promote/prioritise. City Science Corporation SME TRIG
2021 Oxfordshire Waterways Electrification Transition (OxWET) The OxWET project will develop learning, identify challenges and solutions to the challenge of current and future electric charging needs of users for the 26 mile stretch of the Oxford Canal from Oxford to Banbury. This will look to provide a suitable business model and technologies for the Canal and River Trust to facilitate change and addressing the shift to zero carbon transport. Canal & River Trust NFP TRIG
2021 Passive Air Lubrication system (PALs). Progression, TRL3 to TRL4, towards a feasible, commercial, sustainable vessel fuel consumption and carbon emission reduction system that significantly contributes to reduced global warming This project aims to develop a drag reduction system for ships by further collaboration with academia and several vessel owners. Armada Technologies Limited SME TRIG
2021 Project Nectar: retrofitted, universal smart-charging infrastructure for e-bikes Honeycomb will adapt its novel e-scooter smart-charging system for e-bikes. This adaptation will result in a universal, smart e-bike charger, which retrofits onto existing bicycle storage infrastructure and can charge up to 8 bikes at once. Honeycomb Network Ltd SME TRIG
2021 Rail-specific energy harvesting module for unpowered freight wagons This project will fund the development of a mechanical energy-harvesting module that will scavenge vibration and rocking/swaying of rail freight carriages specific to rail applications. Cyth Limited SME TRIG
2021 Real-Time Digital Signs for Remote Train Stations In Wales Trial This project aims to make true-real time train information available to customers in geographically remote stations in Wales. Digital Signs For Transport Ltd SME TRIG
2021 Redeployable HGV and Bus EV Charging Hub The project aims to create a flexible, redeployable, high-power DC charging hub demonstrator. This demonstrator will charge four HGVs simultaneously, at speeds of up to 150kW today, with the potential for 1MW in the future. The solution will enable multiple power sources, incorporating the grid, renewable energy sources and optional battery storage, and provide alternatives for grid-upgrades at grid-constrained sites. Voltempo Limited SME TRIG
2021 Safety Assessment for Urban-Air-Mobility (UAM) System in Metropolitan Areas This project will deliver a novel method to assess UAM safety. Firstly, a universal Urban-Air-Mobility (UAM) modelling method will be developed for multiple configurations to allow a comprehensive simulation of UAM operations. Secondly, a safety assessment will be built that incorporates uncertainty quantification to calculate the reliability of UAM in multiple risks. Thirdly, simulator-based experiments will be implemented to validate the proposed methodologies. Swansea University University TRIG
2021 Seal-It: rigorous testing of crack sealing materials and procedures for preventative road maintenance The Seal-It project will create the first proof-of-principle prototype of a test-rig for quantitatively assessing the performance of road crack sealing materials and methodologies. Robotiz3d Limited SME TRIG
2021 SEFAD-lite - Ship Emission Filtration And Decarbonisation The project will develop highly novel carbon capture solutions, never applied to the shipping sector. These Metal-Organic Framework based solutions would allow all vessels to capture the carbon they are currently emitting and store it onboard for later discharge and recycling. C-MAT Technologies SME TRIG
2021 Shape-changing haptic navigation technology for visually impaired persons This project will establish the feasibility of using a proprietary shape-changing haptic navigation technology to guide visually impaired persons through UK public transport networks. Makesense Technology Limited SME TRIG
2021 Small Zero Emission Vessel Malakoff Limited's 'Small Zero Emission Vessel' project aims to design and build a small catamaran suited for workboat, harbour, inland waterway and U10m fishing duties. The project aims to produce a fully electric vessel with no emissions producing power systems onboard. Malakoff Limited SME TRIG
2021 SmoothSurf - Computationally simulating and then experimentally testing predictions of new marine anti-fouling coatings This project will use a platform technology to computationally simulate then experimentally test predictions on new marine anti-fouling coatings. Using theory developed at Cambridge University the project team have developed new computer models which enable the accurate prediction of material properties. Materials Nexus SME TRIG
2021 Stormchain – Highway-asset Rapid Impact Assessment This project will deliver a mature prototype geo-spatial technology, that meets the challenge of maintaining situational awareness of highway network impacts during major incidents. Stormchain will enable a swift and proactive risk-based response to the loss of bridges, structures, and community access. John Lamb Executive Solutions Ltd. SME TRIG
2021 The development and validation of a hazard perception (HP) training tool for heavy goods vehicle drivers that can be delivered in virtual reality (VR) headsets This project will develop and validate hazard perception (HP) training for HGV drivers that can be delivered in virtual reality headsets. Esitu Solutions Limited SME TRIG
2021 The Diode Shared Survey Platform: accelerating the installation of electric vehicle charge points by enabling multiple installers to quote with just a single shared site survey Diode’s Shared Survey Platform allows for just a single survey to be carried out, with the results shared with multiple installers. This minimizes the time, cost and carbon of charge point installs, optimizes installer capacity, and lets installers of all sizes benefit from the EV transition. Diode Group Limited SME TRIG
2021 Why do they all come at once? Improving Bus Information Accuracy to Increase Confidence, Satisfaction and Usage This project aims to create bus forecasts by developing a Machine Learning Model, calculating potential delays based on features such as weather and time of day, allowing us to better inform travellers in earnest. Zipabout Limited SME TRIG
2020 AI-driven low-carbon last-mile logistics This project focuses on the development of an alternative logistics system that minimises CO2 emissions and its impact on the strategic road transportation network. Customers will enjoy rapid delivery of their goods, at competitive prices, whilst knowing that they have also contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In this project, a suite of tools will be developed to enable real-world, optimised solutions to be found within a complex set of constraints from the current challenges on planning and executing the delivery of goods. Anteam Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Air Lubrication System for maritime fuel efficiency gains This project targets the demonstration of a passive sub process required to efficiently inject lubricating air bubbles across the bottom of a ship in transit. The overarching aim is to collectively unlock the deployment opportunities needed to accelerate the de-carbonisation of the shipping sector. Armada Technologies Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Autonomous Drone Freight Transportation, All Weather Resilience and Safety This project enables autonomous drone freight transportation beyond operator line of sight. High frequency radar will be used to sense and avoid obstacles and for navigation in areas with poor GPS satellite coverage. Cambridge Sensoriis Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2020 BAT-Mobile – deployable EV charging solution This project aims to explore the use of modern battery technology to provide a rapid charging solution for electric vehicles without needing a high power grid connection. The solution proposed would be scalable and portable to meet a variety of EV charging requirements. It will also have the capability to convert to AC, opening up a wider range of opportunities such as the replacement of noisy and polluting diesel generators. Pragmatex Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 Battery Uniform Tab Cooling (BUCT) Qdot seek to apply battery thermal management to enable extremely fast charging and maximise the reliability of cell systems by ensuring even thermal performance during operation. The team will be developing a proprietary cooling solution for batteries that allows recharging for 200 miles of range in 10 minutes. Qdot Technology Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Decarbonising domestic freight through active travel last mile deliveries The unprecedented rise in ecommerce and the associated increase in the use of vans to service that need is leading to problems including congestion, kerbside access and carbon emissions. In order to remove vans from urban areas and keep meeting the demand for ecommerce, we need to transfer freight to active travel solutions including cycling and walking. This project addresses freight cycling – seeking to overcome barriers to its widespread adoption. Fernhay Partners Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 Diagnosis of Excessive Carbon Emissions from Heavy Goods Vehicles using Digital Twin Technology This project aims to develop and validate a low-cost, automated, data-driven tool for identifying HGVs that generate excessive carbon emissions due to vehicle deficiencies (i.e. tyre wear) and inefficient driver behaviour. University of Cambridge University T-TRIG
2020 FAST - Find a Space on a Train The FAST project aims to supply accurate, real-time carriage information on how busy a train is, using historical and live weight data to provide capacity estimates on rail, enabling passengers to choose whether to travel and, if so, where to board. Esoterix Systems Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 Feasibility Study of Integrated Automotive Traction Inverters With On-board Charging Capability For Plug-in Electric Vehicles The aim of this proposal is to prove the feasibility and quantify the economics of a highly efficient reconfigurable multi-port converter topology with a bi-directional power flow capability between the electric vehicle and the power grid. University College London University T-TRIG
2020 Good To Go (G2G) – Providing greater information to passengers to restore confidence for travel on public transport Incremental Solutions propose a novel proof of concept bus and train journey planning smartphone application, formed through data fusion of their existing GPS, train capacity data, open data schedules and train cleaning updates. The purpose of this project is to significantly enhance the information that is currently available to the general public, particularly during and post COVID-19, to allow greater clarity and assurance that using public transport is a safe means travel. Incremental Solutions Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 Hydrogen As A Combustion Engine Fuel Additive Meteor Power’s project will focus on developing a new electrolysis unit capable of separating water in addition to a water/urea mix. Early calculations suggest the result of water electrolysis will be an increase in power, in addition to emissions improvements, despite having to power the electrolysis process. Meteor Power Limited SME T-TRIG
2020 Lifeband - Contact Awareness Bracelet For the Visually Impaired Impli are developing a wristband-based contact awareness bracelet that allows people with visual impairments to be alerted when their safe social distancing has been compromised. The solution, the LifeBand Vibe, will extend the capability of the generic LifeBand COVID tracking wristband, by incorporating “haptic” vibration capability to provide regular subtle alerts to wearers in circumstances when their safe social distancing may have been compromised without them realising. Impli Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Pilot Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Treatment Trial for A3C Carbon Capture Process This project addresses de-carbonisation of marine transport. Its objective is to develop and validate a prototype carbon capture process for marine diesel engines. The team will add essential pre-treatment components and evaluate the performance of the A3C process in carbon capture trials using real engine exhaust gases. PMW Technology Limited SME T-TRIG
2020 Plug&Charge Paua Plug & Charge seeks to ease the pain of public EV charging by investigating the easiest way to enable a driver to run an electric vehicle charge session. The vision is to plug in your car, charge, unplug and drive away with charging and payment automatically managed. Paua Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Rapid air extraction in public transport through ducted Alternate-Current Dielectric Barrier Discharge (AC-DBD) plasma actuation Researchers at the University of Surrey plan to develop a prototype for effective air extraction and decontamination to minimise COVID-19 and other airborne virus transmission on public transport and in other confined environments. A novel method is used involving an electromotive wind to achieve local air extraction. University of Surrey University T-TRIG
2020 Real-time computer vision passenger counting and PPE detection for public transport To help the transport industry recover and continue operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Route Reports proposes a computer vision-based passenger counting and personal protective equipment (PPE) detection solution with the aim of increasing and monitoring compliance and safety amongst passengers, while managing and monitoring transport capacity. Route Reports Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2020 SAVAir, Safe Autonomous Vehicles at Airports Claytex will create a simulator that can be used to assess the safety of an autonomous vehicle operating in the airside environment. The team will provide a virtual driving test for the vehicle control system that covers its range of operation. Claytex Services Limited SME T-TRIG
2020 Secure Border-Ready Freight The Secure Border-Ready Freight project proposed by SYSELEK will address the impending problem of high volumes of unitised freight traffic between customs clearance sites and major UK ports. SYSELEK (UK) Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 Self-meshing drone detection networks Houndstooth Wireless aim to select, develop, integrate and demonstrate their self-meshing network technology. This will allow a plug and play operation of drone detection over wide, complex geographic areas, reducing set-up costs and providing increased network resilience. Houndstooth Wireless Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Solar-Hydrogen-Storage Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Future Cities This project proposes a prototype design of the solar-hydrogen storage (SHS) integrated electric vehicle charging station. Planning of the SHS-EV charging stations will be conducted in UK cities, by optimising the location and phased construction plan, in relation to the city’s existing petrol stations, transport network, local solar irradiance and electric demand centres. University of Cranfield University T-TRIG
2020 TorqueSight - advanced sensor system for maritime propulsion efficiency gains This project will show that the retrofitting of small ships is possible to allow them to substantially reduce their carbon footprint or to even transition to zero-carbon propulsion, whilst benefitting from the additional energy savings using technologies derived from the automotive sector which are to be incorporated. DuoDrive Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2020 Using de-ionised air to remove airborne Covid-19 virus in trains This project is targeted at COVID-19 Recovery within public transport, specifically looking at air provision on trains. Greenway Innovations will scope the potential to use di-ionisers on trains to remove airborne Covid-19 virus strains, creating as a sense of safety that will achieve recovery within the transport sector. Greenway Innovations Ltd SME T-TRIG
2020 VertiProp - novel propeller materials and manufacture VertiProp is a rapid impact feasibility study to investigate and develop next generation, high performance composite propellers for large autonomous vertical take-off drones and future urban air mobility (air taxi) vehicles. Such drones can aid the delivery of medical supplies and essential goods where traditional transport infrastructure is under pressure. Carbon ThreeSixty Ltd SME T-TRIG
2019 Advanced eco-driving strategies through novel longitudinal control of vehicles This project aims to develop and test novel prototype in-cab system to substantially reduce fuel consumption of heavy goods vehicles through advanced longitudinal control strategies. University of Cambridge University T-TRIG
2019 Aircraft to Grid (A2G): Hybrid and Smart Charging for Electric Aircraft We conduct a conceptual design of a hybrid, self-generating and super-fast charging system for electric aircraft. Cranfield university University T-TRIG
2019 App for Peer to Peer energy trading with Electric Vehicles (APP EV) This project is to develop a P2P energy trading App, allowing electric vehicles (EVs) which have surplus battery energy to trade with nearby EVs in public car parks. Cranfield university University T-TRIG
2019 Application of Hyperloop Technology to Existing Rail Systems Applying technology based on the principles of electromagnetism to improve trains in current operation, resulting in greater acceleration and traction with no additional infrastructure. Lenz Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2019 CAV automated verification & validation Automated generation of critical test cases for CAV (connected automated vehicle) verification & validation CavPoint Start-up T-TRIG
2019 CityMaaS Revolutionising Personalised Accessible Travel A digitally inclusive platform using AI & crowd-sourced data to enable efficient travel for people with limited mobility in smart cities. CityMaas (start-up) Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Creating a tailored transport service for older adults in towns and small cities: exploring barriers and facilitators This project will develop, prototype and trial a new way for older adults to access 21st century mobility options, starting with a new shared taxi service, informed by a series of co-design workshops and user interviews with older adults in Northamptonshire Collectivetech (start-up) Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Developing a Low Cost, Reliable, and Anonymised Automated Traffic Counting System To improve traffic management, bring better air quality, and improve emergency service access and safety through real-time analytics of traffic flow to change signal timings. Route Konnect Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Development of a thermal management system for e-bike battery charge/discharge optimisation Developing a thermal management approach to optimise the charge and discharge of our e-BRIC solution to extend the battery pack life. Alp technologies Ltd SME T-TRIG
2019 Efficient & autonomous charging for multi modal transport applications Specification, Design, Simulation and Prototyping of a laboratory demonstration of core principles and hardware and software systems for robotic, efficient vehicle charging. IPFT Fuels Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Electric Vehicle Easy Readiness Switch Over (EVERSO) Tool Our goal is to determine the feasibility of building and launching an online tool that helps people and organisations measure their readiness for transitioning to electric vehicles through algorithmic data analysis on their actual usage and requirements. Miralis Data Limited Micro T-TRIG
2019 Elmo MVP Proof of concept for an all inclusive electric vehicle subscription platform Nova Drive SME T-TRIG
2019 Evaluation of the Marine Application of Advanced Carbon Capture Technology The project will evaluate the feasibility, costs, infrastructure impacts and potential benefits of using advanced carbon capture technology to decarbonise marine shipping on a comparable basis to alternatives assessed in the Frontier Economics scenario analysis. PMW technology limited Micro T-TRIG
2019 Event-based transport The project will assess how the availability and affordability of transport for older and disabled people can be increased through making its organisation integral to the events it serves. Esoterix (micro) Micro T-TRIG
2019 GAIN real time enerGy optmisAtIoN by inducing eco-driving The proposed innovation adapts a novel energy optimisation model to provide eco-driving speed recommendations to drivers in real-time. University College London University T-TRIG
2019 Globally resilient infrastructure providing early hazard Detection, Identification & Classification Long Range all-weather detection, identification and classification of objects through direct communication utilising passive tag technology excited by existing automotive grade radar R4DAR Technologies Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Liftshare and Appyway The Liftshare and AppyWay integration service gives businesses the monitoring access to track that their employees are sharing their commute to work and parking in the right place once onsite, with ease. Liftshare SME T-TRIG
2019 Local Transport Carbon Policy & Monitoring Tool This project develops a methodology and tool to track and understand the impact of carbon reducing policies within transport. City Science Corporation Limited SME T-TRIG
2019 Low Cost Drone Detection Machine Learning for autonomous threat library updates The project aims to use Machine Learning techniques to allow cheaper and unattended updating of drone threat libraries within drone detection sensors and networks Houndstooth Wireless Limited Micro T-TRIG
2019 Mapping Informal Transport. Shyft will demonstrate the value of information to increase travellers’ choice by developing an easily digestible route map of informal transport options in three cities delivered in both physical and API formats Shyft Mobility (Micro) Micro T-TRIG
2019 Mind-My-Bumpy-Ride: a machine learning model on mobile phones to identify potholes from cycling behaviours his proposal for the first time develops a machine learning model that can identify potholes by learning from the behaviours of the riders, both when a cyclist rides over a pothole and when a cyclist manages to avoid a pothole. Liverpool John Moores University University T-TRIG
2019 Mind-My-Bumpy-Ride: a machine learning model on mobile phones to identify potholes from cycling behaviours his proposal for the first time develops a machine learning model that can identify potholes by learning from the behaviours of the riders, both when a cyclist rides over a pothole and when a cyclist manages to avoid a pothole. Liverpool John Moores University University T-TRIG
2019 Pelation REBO: Cyclist Near Miss Prevention Technology Project REBO is a six-month feasibility trial to demonstrate and quantify the cycling near miss prevention potential of their positive road behaviour technology, as well as capture previously unrecordable data on near misses to help authorities, planners, and businesses make better decisions about cycling related projects Pelation Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2019 Project Quokka: Desktop feasibility study for trailer-mounted EV fast charger with integrated battery storage Desktop feasibility study to test concept of a trailer mounted EV fast charger with integrated battery storage. Agile charging Micro T-TRIG
2019 Real-Time Resilience Modelling in Complex Transport Networks Automated real-time process to select the best model structure City Science Corporation Limited SME T-TRIG
2019 Real-Time Resilience Modelling in Complex Transport Networks Automated real-time process to select the best model structure City Science Corporation Limited SME T-TRIG
2019 Shape-Pot – Automated Characterisation of Potholes The project will create the first automated device for accurate geometric characterization of potholes, to enable autonomous road maintenance and repair. University of Liverpool University T-TRIG
2019 Shape-Pot – Automated Characterisation of Potholes The project will create the first automated device for accurate geometric characterization of potholes, to enable autonomous road maintenance and repair. University of Liverpool University T-TRIG
2019 Shore Power Infrastructure for Decarbonisation of Shipping (SPIDS) Feasibility study exploring opportunities for recharging electric seagoing vessels powered by flow batteries, by pumping electrolyte from a shore based charging system. Swanbarton limited SME T-TRIG
2019 Smart Crossings for blind and partially sighted people The project will develop a technological solution of vehicle detection using both radar and cameras to actuate a tactile message to blind and partially sighted users telling them if the way is clear. Street Systems (micro) Micro T-TRIG
2019 Telematics Road Safety - Road Assessment Program (TRS-RAP) This project seeks to address challenges by prototyping the use of vehicle behavioural data to better understand risk as a function of geography across the entire road network for a testbed location. The Floow limited SME T-TRIG
2019 Understanding user requirements of an inclusive transport information device A research project engaging with disabled and elderly people to understand the specific requirements of an inclusive transport information device to fully meet their needs, increase their confidence to travel and improve their access to transport. Zipabout (SME) SME T-TRIG
2019 Vehicle Tests of Turbo Range Extender (TREx) A micro gas turbine generator will be tested both in lab and on car to assess the suitability as a range extender Birmingham High Performance Turbomachinery Limited SME T-TRIG
2017 A compact hydrogen powered range extender The project aims to develop and test a free-piston engine generator (FPEG) range extender operating on hydrogen fuel Newcastle university University T-TRIG
2017 Advance flat panel antenna for Satellite communication On-The-Move: an innovative approach towards the IoT for the rail industry Developing a novel flat panel antenna solution for broadband connectivity when travelling using high-speed rail services. Heriot-Watt University University T-TRIG
2017 Agile Airspace Collaborative Decision Making Develop a software demonstrator that informs the optimal 4-dimensional location for military airspace, to be used by airspace use planners, their executive (to inform strategic airspace planning) and civil air traffic flow management. Winsland Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2017 An Active Retroreflector for Unambiguous Object Localisation A novel retroreflector is proposed that can be used to unambiguously tag objects so that they can be uniquely recognised Plextek Services Ltd SME T-TRIG
2017 Breathing life into transport infrastructure: Development of a hydrophobic, freezing temperature sensing, and self-heating road coating system Developing smart coating materials for sensing icy conditions and initiating self-heating surfaces to increase drivers and passengers safety in winter transport roads usage. University of Plymouth University T-TRIG
2017 Detecting the impact of vessels on air quality using emission monitoring systems This project seeks to develop a robust and cost effective method for understanding the real impact of shipping on local air quality through correlating the response of a network of fixed continuous emissions monitoring systems to shipping activities. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne University T-TRIG
2017 Duodrivetrain - proof of concept Innovative cassette propulsion solution derived from other transport sectors to bring better performance, lower noise & vibration, simpler maintenance and lower emissions to Marine vessels. DuoDrive Start-up T-TRIG
2017 Enhancing performance analysis of complex transit systems Delivering actionable insights into the performance of complex multi-modal public transport systems through the use of real-time data and advanced data visualisation Ito World SME T-TRIG
2017 Hyperloop Beta The project will produce a comprehensive summary of developments of the technology, infrastructure and regulatory understanding of hyperloop since the Hyperloop Alpha white paper was published by Elon Musk in 2013. Hyped Start-up T-TRIG
2017 Integrated platform for booking and allocating recharging slots for electric taxis To integrate EV Technologies electric taxi management system with charging infrastructure to optimise fleet utilization and accelerate uptake of electric taxis by private hire companies. Ecomotus Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2017 Prediction of post-accident road network recovery time. This project aims to use machine learning techniques to reduce congestion impact on the UK road network by providing road operators with a tool for predicting post-accident road network recovery time, allowing them to respond more effectively. Arup Large T-TRIG
2017 Project to demonstrate proof of concept for an innovative dynamic power transfer technology (electric roads) Algret Innovations Ltd proposes to build a full working prototype of an on-vehicle device that can pick up power from an electric road system. Algret Innovations Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2017 Range Extender Hybrid Electric Motorcycle A hybrid gas / electric motorcycle capable of performing flight range extender functionality for an electric propulsion equipped aircraft is to be prototyped to TRL3, (laboratory scale proof of concept) for a television documentary production. University of Nottingham University T-TRIG
2017 Signly Disruption App Enabling better access to rail disruption information for d/Deaf (and hearing) passengers who cannot hear or might miss station announcements. Signly Ltd Start-up T-TRIG
2017 Smart charging stations for accurate and reliable electric vehicle battery monitoring An innovative low-cost monitoring technique has the potential to allow unprecedented diagnostic information about the battery state of health, for improved electric vehicle reliability and increased users' confidence in this technology. University of Liverpool University T-TRIG
2017 Smart Navigation This project aims to identify the maritime situational awareness data required for vessels to operate autonomously and/or unmanned in UK waters, and to structure that data into a prototype ?smart chart? that could be used by a smart or ultimately even self-driving ship or vessel. ASV SME T-TRIG
2017 Smart Wind Assisted Propulsion Wind tunnel testing of a novel concept for wind assisted propulsion of ships. Smar Azure Micro T-TRIG
2017 Smart wind barriers for traffic and bridge protection The project aims at developing a cost-effective wind shielding that adapts to the existing weather conditions in order to maximise the protection to the vehicles while reducing the forces transmitted to the structure, making this solution ideal to extend the traffic operability in new and existing bridges. City, University of London University T-TRIG
2017 Statistical and computational tools for network resilience Develop metrics for practitioners to investigate and monitor network resilience City Science Start-up T-TRIG
2017 Teamports - real time depth data for ports TeamPorts provides near real time depth data for ports to improve their efficiency and reduce costs. TeanServ Micro T-TRIG
2017 Traffic Signal Advisor Service (TSAS) Traffic Signals Advisor Service. A Big Data / Machine Learning service approach to reducing congestion by making the most of what we have INRIX UK Ltd Large T-TRIG
2017 Universal Train Access Ramp Laboratory testing on lightweight composite materials & structural engineering analysis to enable the development of a fully stress tested pre-production train access ramp Cecence Ltd SME T-TRIG
2017 Vehicle to Grid Controller with Modular Communications Develop the prototype of a standards based controller for a low cost bi-directional electric vehicle charging station including modular communications. V2G EVSE Limited Start-up T-TRIG
2016 Visible light communications for in-train passenger high speed content delivery To provide high speed wireless content delivery to in-train passenger mobile devices by using visible light communication technology. HW Communications Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 A big data architecture for traffic forecasting using multi-source information (23) The development of a big-data architecture for transport related predictive analytics information services, focusing on the realisation of a traffic forecasting system. University of Wolverhampton University T-TRIG
2016 A novel lithium-ion energy test technique to accelerate electric vehicle battery pack time-to-market Accelerate reliable electric vehicle battery pack development with a novel test protocol University of Warwick University T-TRIG
2016 A Turbo Range Extender (TREx) This project is proposed to assess the feasibility of a reconfigured gas turbine engine as a low emission and high efficiency power plant primarily for range extended electric vehicles Birmingham High Performance Turbomachinery Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Accelerating Transport Microsimulation: Demonstrating the impact of future many core simulations This project will look at how applying novel computing techniques can impact on both the time and accuracy of simulations University of Sheffield (with industrial support from and TSS Ltd.) University T-TRIG
2016 AI-powered disruption ?bot? ( bid # 2) Developing an AI ?bot? that processes real-time transport customer services requests during disruption using combined disparate data feeds. Snap Out Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Anomaly Detection for Aviation Security Details on application University College London University T-TRIG
2016 Artificial Intelligence Based Traffic Data Collection Validate the application of AI for the purpose of traffic data collection for DfT WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd (in partnership with Calipsa Ltd) Large T-TRIG
2016 Benchmarking Total Transport The project will produce a benchmark suite of test scenarios which local authorities can use to evaluate total transport solutions (those which integrate disparate transport services) and which suppliers can use to extend, improve and market their products Esoterix Systems SME T-TRIG
2016 Better signals using co-operative vehicle data Research into cost effective urban traffic signal optimisation in a world of advanced sensing multiple data sources and connected vehicles City of York Council Local Authority T-TRIG
2016 Beyond Visual Line of Sight UAV Air Traffic Control Operations To prove that small unmanned aircraft (drones) can integrate with current Air Traffic Management Systems by flying a pre-programmed route and reacting to tactical ATC instructions. SalusUAV SME T-TRIG
2016 Big-Data Driven Prediction of Public Transport Delays and Disruption (11) Development and validation of a big data driven machine learning model for actionable advice based predictions of public transport delays and disruptions. Faster Route Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Blubel Cyclist Crowdsourcing Data Platform Details on application Blubel Tech Ltd SME ICF
2016 Catalysing the adoption and safe integration of drones into UK Airspace through the provision of an integrated UAS Management System, ?The Internet of Flying Things? Details on application Altitude Angel Limited SME ICF
2016 Clean Air Miles (decarbonised last mile deliveries) Details on application E-CARGOBIKES.COM SME ICF
2016 CROCS - Controller to RSU Open C-ITS SCHEMA Research into an open approach for signal phase timing messages between ITS-G5 wireless roadside units and traffic signal controllers Integrated Design Techniques Limited Micro T-TRIG
2016 Curo360 A fully integrate web service and mobile application for more efficient transport management Nicander Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Cycling Infrastructure Prioritisation Toolkit (CIPT) Details on application University of Leeds University ICF
2016 Decision Support Tool for Modelling Security Scenarios Onboard Passenger Ships Details on application University of Strathclyde University T-TRIG
2016 DemandViz : Transport Demand Visualisation and Modelling An interactive tool to collate and visualise detailed public transport demand surveys Integrated Transport Planning Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Demonstration of a low cost high density bike share docking station The project will trial an innovative bike share docking station which aims to significantly reduce capital and operational costs. Biella Research SME T-TRIG
2016 Demonstration of proof of concept of a prototype low cost optical pollution sensor The aim of the project is to assess the feasibility of low cost optical sensors to measure NO2 Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) Ltd Large T-TRIG
2016 Developing a data system to present the real-time movements of intermodal freight The project aims to develop a web-based system that summarises and visualises the real-time movements of intermodal freight, in particular the movements of coal, biomass and containers on the UK rail network and around UK ports University College London University T-TRIG
2016 Developing an integrated hazard perception and highway code training and assessment tool Details on application Nottingham Trent University University ICF
2016 Development of a Novel Composite Material for Dynamic Diesel Particulate Filtration System Development of a novel porous ceramic composite with specific electrical parameters and characteristics Brunel University London University T-TRIG
2016 Diesel Fuel Heater Replacement on Electric Buses To replace diesel fuel heaters used on electric buses with innovative, high power density, and high energy density thermal energy storage systems ? heat batteries Sunamp Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Digital Railways ? The AECOM approach (19) This project will research and report on the feasibility of combining existing and proven products for micro-simulation, virtual reality driver simulation and traffic management control system emulation to provide a rapid modelling tool for road network operators to develop and test their business logic for generating driver and traffic management information. Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd Large T-TRIG
2016 DriverNet SmartSite ? testing the impact of a cloud based logistics community Measuring the impact of the DriverNet SmartSite systems on optimising connectivity and arrivals across a national logistics community of fleet operators, drivers and customer sites. DriverNet SME T-TRIG
2016 Extending Current Automatic Threat Object Detection within X-ray Security Screening Details on application Durham University, UK University T-TRIG
2016 FASS Checkpoint Big Data Analysis Details on application University of Southampton and Egremont Group University T-TRIG
2016 Feasibility assessment of a low-cost light-weight ultra-efficient 10kW Gallium Nitride traction inverter for ultra-low emission vehicles To design, build and test a 10kW GaN traction inverter for ultra-low emission electric vehicles and quantify its economics and benefits. Camtronics Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Ferromone Trails Concept Using ant-colony algorithms to increase rail capacity on transitional infrastructure University of Sheffield University T-TRIG
2016 Full-body walk-through personnel security screening portal Details on application Manchester Metropolitan University University T-TRIG
2016 Future Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management (UTM) Details on application SalusUAV SME ICF
2016 H2 Map H2 Map aims to provide a real-time map of UK Hydrogen Refuelling Stations with current availability giving early adopters the reassurance that they will be able to fill their Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles with hydrogen. Data will be collected via the 3G network across all providers of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and be displayed on a web based map and mobile app. An API will be made available to give access to those wishing to integrate the data into other systems such as onboard navigation systems. Fuel Cell Systems Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Improving Cyclist Safety via neuromorphic visual processing: Robust cyclist detection system Details on application ODiGA SME ICF
2016 Intelligent real-time seat allocation for better rail services Investigate the possibility of using novel seat allocation to improve rail services Liverpool John Moores University University T-TRIG
2016 Lasershield Details on application LUMOPTICA Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 LBD-SAR Lane Boundary Detection using Synthetic Aperture Radar Cranfield University University T-TRIG
2016 Lighthouse Smart Road Reporting System Rural Road Connectivity, Security, Big Data analysis and Monetisation enhancements to an IoT implementation. WaveReach Limited Micro T-TRIG
2016 Lightweight Folding Ebike Details on application Hinton Bikes Ltd SME ICF
2016 MALTS: Multiple Antenna Line-of-sight radio link testbed for Transport Systems Enhanced spectral efficiency for the line-of-sight wireless alongside transport infrastructure The Open University University T-TRIG
2016 Microwave Camera for Detecting Hidden Objects Details on application Plextek Services Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Minimising hazardous turns in cycle routing: junction analysis for optimal journeys This project aims to increase cyclist safety by significantly improving the way the cycling is modelled at every junction in automated route planning for apps and websites CycleStreets Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2016 Mobile Beacon Ticketing ? Feasibility Study To determine the feasibility of using Bluetooth Smart beacons with smartphones in a transport ticketing environment. Touch‚ NFC Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Multimodal information fusion for Safe Assisted drone Navigation (MASAN) Details on application University of Kent University ICF
2016 Next-generation ITS sensing using neural networks We will develop a next generation neural network for on road intelligent cameras to dramatically increase detection accuracy , leading to improvements in intelligent traffic lights, smart motorways and autonomous vehicles Vivacity Labs SME T-TRIG
2016 Novel applications of structural equation models for car ownership and travel choice forecasting The project develops a method to detect early signs of trend-breaks in travel demand and provide policy-cogent prognostics using a continuous feed of NTS as well as road and rail traffic data Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies, Cambridge University University T-TRIG
2016 Operator toolkit for urban mobility and congestion / disruption management Development of a software API enabling real-time, personalised disruption advice Zipabout Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2016 Processing of Advanced Thermoplastic co-mingled fabrics Development of a process to manufacture high performance thermoplastic composites from co-mingled fabrics CCP Gransden SME T-TRIG
2016 Proof of concept investigation of context detection technology for improved journeys (8) Proof of concept study of novel context detection technology for mobile devices, improving the passenger experience on the UK rail network. Signalbox SME T-TRIG
2016 ptiCAM Feasibility The project is a feasibility study that will determine the suitability of using software image analysis techniques and standard CCTV cameras to provide a low cost solution for the detection of incidents at the platform train interface. Zircon Software Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 PUADO Dynamics Advanced planning to keep trucks and vans filled across multiple pick up and drop offs Transfaction Micro T-TRIG
2016 Pushme - On-Demand Bicycle Electrification Pushme is a compact electronics device that converts conventional bicycles to electric in seconds, without requiring tools or permanent hardware installed on the bicycle Pushme Bikes Limited SME T-TRIG
2016 Rapid Screening of Footwear for Airport Security Details on application Security Screening Technologies Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2016 Ride Side by Side Details on application Cycle Training UK Ltd SME ICF
2016 Road Public Transport Congestion Air Quality Impacts Tools This project will explore a set of data analysis and visualization tools that are designed to help public authorities design, manage and evaluate its contribution to air quality emissions trends. Transport for London Large T-TRIG
2016 RPAS Enabling Communications Technologies and Procedures Details on application Gnosys Global Ltd SME ICF
2016 Saving Lives by Managing Driver Fatigue Using wearable technology and a bio-mathematical model of driver fatigue to save lives by reducing the number of road traffic collisions Sleep and Fatigue Research Ltd (previously Biometric Fatigue Management Ltd) SME T-TRIG
2016 SilkThread© O Licence Compliance Dashboard To investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of developing a multiuser dashboard for any transport operators to feed their compliance data into, with the aim to become part of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, which is due to launch in early 2017 Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2016 Smart Electric City Trike; ultra-low emission EV with pedal-assist A modular platform using GSM and Wi-Fi technology with hardware and sensory inputs connecting assets in real-time through an intuitive app interface Podshare Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Solar Powered eBike Charging Station this project will explore and exploit technology, capabilities and knowledge relating to solar powered e-bike charging stations Sustainable Technical Services Ltd Micro T-TRIG
2016 Supporting Learner Drivers through Virtual Reality Details on application University of Southampton University ICF
2016 Targetless Search Training: Improved Detection of Atypical Threats in Baggage Details on application Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge University T-TRIG
2016 Thermally conductive concrete slabs for automated de-icing during winter periods To develop heated concrete slabs for platforms and concourses enabling de-icing Sheffield Hallam University University T-TRIG
2016 Travel Insight Exchange Building a proof of concept that tests integrating modal tracking, personal data stores and gamification interface to see how well travellers will respond to receiving and sharing Modalgo Micro T-TRIG
2016 Uni-Cycle Details on application NUS Charitable Services Charity ICF
2016 Using In-Vehicle Data to Enhance Real Time Journey Time Prediction develop a connected vehicle data feed emulator and combine with existing connected infrastructure data feeds in order to assess how this data can enhance the prediction of journey times in real time Ove Arup & Partners Limited Large T-TRIG
2016 Using Machine Learning and Big Data to Model Car Dependency: an Exploration Using Origin-Destination Data (18) This project will explore the potential for emerging methods in Big Data and Machine Learning to be applied to transport modelling, with a focus on car dependency at the origin-destination level. University of Leeds University T-TRIG
2016 Using Virtual Reality to develop Risk Awareness Perception Training for the UK Details on application Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds University ICF
2016 Using wireless mesh networks to enhance journey time predictions in urban areas Our proposed project uses innovative embedded algorithms in wireless mesh networks combined with novel Machine Learning techniques to advance the current state of the art for real time journey time predictions in urban areas over a continuous rolling time horizon. Traak Systems Ltd SME T-TRIG
2016 Vehicle screening with atomic magnetometers Details on application University College London University T-TRIG
2016 Virtual Inspection Environment for Aviation Security Details on application University College London University T-TRIG
2016 Visual Disruption for Aviation Security (VDAS) Details on application LumOptica Limited Micro T-TRIG
2016 VR Driver Details on application Onteca Ltd SME ICF
2015 Adoption of Passive Destruction Interference to develop high-efficiency sound attenuating structures for high speed rail network This aim of this research is to study the relationship between geometrical cavities and acoustic interference to establish proof of concept and laboratory prototype to develop a high-efficiency noise cancelling structure for High Speed (HS) rail noise abatement. University of Wolverhampton University T-TRIG
2015 Air Quality Urban Analysis of Reatl-time Information and Actuation (AQUARIA) AQUARIA measures, visualises and predicts real-time air quality in order to trigger traffic control intervention to reduce NOx within the urban environment. Imtech Traffic & Infra UK Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 AQATANE A localised street-level meteorologically and congestion sensitive real-time air quality driven traffic management solution Amey OW Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Autonomous windships for coastal transport. Identifying possible routes for coastal transport using autonomous sailing vessels OneSails GBR (South) SME T-TRIG
2015 BikeBeacon- an advanced warning system for bicycles on rural roads The BikeBeacon project aims to improve safety for cyclists on rural roads by providing advanced warning to drivers of cyclists ahead. This project uses an architecture based on the use of the cyclists smartphone as an active 'beacon' to send current location, based on GPS, to a cloud based system that then distributes live warning alerts to in-vehicle systems Integrated Systems Engineering SME T-TRIG
2015 Building an Intelligent Transport Information Platform for Smart Cities We wish to develop a prototype testbed to monitor vehicles in the Transportation Network using VANET Technology, and thus facilitate the development of a better transport system using intelligent algorithms Middlesex University University T-TRIG
2015 CAV PAS (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - Priority At Signals) Feasibility study of how local authorities could give priority to connected freight vehicles SG Transport Innovation Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Collideoscope: Crown Sourcing A realistic Picture of Cycle Safety in the UK This project is a crowd-sourcing web-app which allows members of the public to find an report cycling incidents of any severity, as well as close calls and near misses they experience or witness Intergrated Transport Planning Ltd. SME T-TRIG
2015 Diesel Emissions Reduction Fuel Vapor retrofit technology A novel system of increasing the fuel burn efficiency on Diesel engines which will drastically reduce emissions and particulates the solution is possible to be both retro fitted to existing vehicles and installed by vehicle manufacturers. The project will perform very simple but accurate laboratory standard test to validate the system Envirotecnic Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Dolphin Pod Lightweight, ultra-low emission EV with pedal-assist Dolphin pods are super-lightweight, folding, three wheeled pedal-augmented electric vehicles, offering the potential of clean door-to-door rapid-mass-transit; healthy, sustainable, super-lightweight electric travel. Dolphin Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Enhancing transport models with cutting-edge visualisation This project will explore the business case for the use of innovative technologies, drawn from the film and gaming industries, to improve the output of transport models and enhance the usability and presentational capabilities of models strategically important to the UK. ITO World SME T-TRIG
2015 Evidence review of the application of behavioural economics in transport policy The aim of this proposal is primarily to develop the evidence base on the application of behavioural economic approaches in policy making within the transport sector, and secondly, to use this both to inform future policy decision making processes and identify gaps where additional research in this field would be merited. Rand Large T-TRIG
2015 Exhaust Pipe mounted NO2 absorbent evaluation Placing Alsiteks NO2 absorbent in an exhaust gas stream Alsitek SME T-TRIG
2015 Feasibility Study for 'Mobility as a Service' concept (FS-MaaS) The FS-MaaS proposals main aim is to conduct a feasibility study for a Maas application in London. The proposed study will research an innovative idea and solution to sustainable transport University College London University T-TRIG
2015 Feasibility study to establish a proof of concept for managing urban road network air quality ?hot spots? in real time. Feasibility study to establish a proof of concept for managing urban road network air quality hot spots in real time. Dr Glyn Rhys-Tyler Other T-TRIG
2015 Hybrid gyroscope for navigation in adverse environments This project is to validate the concept of a low cost, low power, portable platform for personal inertial navigation systems J&M Inertial Navigation Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Lightweight, Low Cost Nano-Composite Hydrogen Pressure Vessels for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Use of graphene and carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites to reduce mass of H2 vessels Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 London EDAR Demonstration and Evaluation This project is a first-time UK deployment and demonstration of a new-to-market remote sensing technology, the Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies Emissions Detecting And Reporting system (HEAT EDAR), which provides high-resolution, high-sensitivity, multi-species measurement capability (typically, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, HC, and PM2.5 but readily optimised for other applications). It also employs a down-facing, single-unit camera configuration that offers a number of practical advantages over the conventional across-road, single-beam, two-unit arrangement of traditional remote sensing systems. HEAT LCC / Kings College London / University of Leeds Collaboration University T-TRIG
2015 Low cost alternative to GSM for data connectivity of Electric Vehicle Charge points Use of mobile handsets & Bluetooth as an interface between a centralised charge point management system and a charge point. Hanger19 Limited SME T-TRIG
2015 Low-cost, self-healing railway sleepers for bridge ends and stiffness transition zones This project aims at developing a prototype of low-cost, self-healing sleeper using MR fluid for railway applications at bride ends and stiffness transition zones. The prototype will make use of smart MR characteristics of which it can be in solid state when magnetised by track circuit, and otherwise it is naturally in fluid state. Birmingham Centre of Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham University T-TRIG
2015 Making it personal- Understanding and changing agent fuel use behaviours Building upon our world-class expertise in behavioural science and strong industry partnerships, we are working towards a ground-breaking technology product that will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by changing transport personnel's behaviours. In the next 3 months, we will identify/assess the data sources and key personnel behaviours for fuel use across multiple modes of transport and develop a viable/feasible plan for product design. Avalon Behaviour Ventures Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Optimal Decisions for Large-Scale Transport Systems We propose to develop and demonstrate a software framework that will make available to transport practitioners a new technique known as Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP). At present, the use of ADP is confined mostly to academics, but with some limited real-world application to transport Smith Institute SME T-TRIG
2015 Optimisation of Energy and Emissions Reduction Audits and Consultancy A Proof of concept study that will evaluate the benefits and potential for the optimisation of carbon reduction audits & consultancy using data loggers, automation and Roue Monkeys existing algorithms and associated software services Route Monkey Limited SME T-TRIG
2015 PREPAReD: Predicting, Preventing, and Analysing Rail Delays Using live data feeds and computer modelling to track and predict delays in the rail network University of Leicester University T-TRIG
2015 Prevention of Accidents through Community Action for Schools (PACAS) This project will combine the data analysis techniques which describe risk factors on the school journey with the management strategies of school travel teams by developing a prototype app to help manage risk. Loop Connections Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Robust Safety Methodologies for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) at Railway Level Crossings (LXs)e This projects aims to assess the risk and to develop a robust safety methodology for the implementation of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) at level crossings (LXs) to detect approaching trains. Institute of Railway Research University of Huddersfield University T-TRIG
2015 Simply Connect: developing an open source MaaS platform System design and core development of an open-source MaaS multimodal platform. sustainable Environment Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 State-of-the art upgrade of remote roadside vehicle emission monitoring equipment For this work we propose to use our existing FEAT system and develop an NO2 sensor using state of the art technology to use alongside it. This will be based on an UV LED source and a spectrometer. TRL Ltd Large T-TRIG
2015 Streetworks Analytics proof of concept of national data analysis First ever analysis of a national roadworks database designed to produce metrics to inform policymaking & inform intelligent mobility solutions Roadworks Information Limited (trading as Elgin) SME T-TRIG
2015 Super Capacitor Super Train (SCST) The project proposal is to use super/ultra capacitors produced from Graphene and/or Carbon Nanotubes to rapidly store electrical energy from strategically placed line power feeds. Absolutely New Inventions Ltd. SME T-TRIG
2015 Telematics for Traffic, 'virtual sensors' and pollution organisation The delivery of any traffic management, infrastructure or policy change should be based upon the best data available to ensure approaches are suitably evidence based. Currently evidence used typically originates from surveys, incident reports, key individual expertise, sensor data and modelled estimations. This project proposes augmenting current data availability with new data in the form of 'virtual sensors' derived from very large scale vehicular telemetrics data. Virtual sensors have strong potential to fundamentally change how roads are understood and this project aims to 1) make such data available to estimate the impact it can bring to aid key DfT objectives 2) test the application of 'virtual sensor' data in a test region with emission understanding as a target use case to demonstrate added value. The Floow Limited SME T-TRIG
2015 The detection of urban road congestion using sensor measurements The aim is to model urban road congestion as a collection of primitive events that are identified by sensors in the road network with the eventual aim of providing an early warning system for congestion. Manchester Metropolitan University University T-TRIG
2015 The development of a new road accident reporting system The project will introduce and test a new system for the reporting of road accidents in Great Britain. Queen's University Belfast University T-TRIG
2015 The use of portable ultrasonics to keep the rails clean Pioneering ultrasonic technology, which has brought significant advances to cleaning in the medical sector, will be adapted to remove from rail lines the slippery black paste formed when wheels crush fallen leaves, resulting in leaves on the line delays each autumn. University of Southampton University T-TRIG
2015 Train-Track Messaging System (TTMS) This project looks to develop the simple but novel concept to regulate trains through the exchange of data between modified 'Eurobalises'. Milne Research Ltd SME T-TRIG
2015 Transport Optimised Radio Terminal (TORT) This project will investigate the feasibility of developing a new and better radio terminal that will both deliver improved performance and be more practical to install within a vehicles limited equipment mounting space and restricted external antenna mounting constraints. BathCube Ltd. SME T-TRIG
2015 TripSensr A sensor toolkit for monitoring environmental comfort on public transport. The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London University T-TRIG
2015 Ultra-High Temperature Exhaust Gas Motor Simulation The project evaluates the performance of new ultra high temperature rotary vane gas motors for capturing the exhaust energy in new engines. Rotovane Limited SME T-TRIG
2015 Urban Freight Emissions, Air Quality and the London Lorry Control Scheme Evaluation of air quality impacts of urban freight and consideration of the impacts of London Lorry Control Scheme on freight vehicle emissions. Imperial College University T-TRIG
2015 Urban NOx exposure reduction though connected vehicles. This project will deliver crowd source highly accurate near real time NOx measurement via zero emission vehicles, to provide detailed city wide NOx mapping, enabling smart traffic management actions to reduce NOx exposure. Cenex SME T-TRIG
2015 Utilising telematics data to understand fine grained NOx emissions This project aims to reuse historic anonymous telematics data (collected over 3 years) to analyse mass movements and resulting emissions over a cityscape to understand how pollution is influenced by mass drivers in differing topological networks of roads over time. The Floow SME T-TRIG
2015 Vehicle by vehicle characterisation of real-world road fleet emissions Total road fleet pollutant emissions inventory at a vehicle by vehicle resolution measured under real-world driving conditions in Birmingham. University of Birmingham University T-TRIG
2015 Wayfindr: Wayfinding for the visually impaired across multiple transport modes This research project seeks to demonstrate an innovative wayfinding proof of concept system for visually impaired people when navigating between different modes of transport. London Underground Ltd. Large T-TRIG
2015 WHISPER Testing with potential users of a prototypical wearable device, such as a watch or hat, that provides the pedestrian user with haptic feedback on their immediate environment so as to help them avoid collisions with other pedestrians, street furniture, over-hanging foliage, parked or slowly-moving vehicles and/or other pedestrian obstacles. University of Leeds University T-TRIG
2014 Absorbtion of nitrogen oxides at the roadside using mushrooms this project aims to explore the feasibility of using spent mushroom hyphae to reduce NOx pollution in the UK. The project will investigate a number of mushroom species similar to those tested in Hong Kong and test their potential to absorb NOx in a controlled laboratory environment. A small scale field-based test will be conducted to determine their efficacy in the UK climate. If this is successful, we would recommend further work to install mushroom barriers alongside a strategic road network. TRL Large T-TRIG
2014 Dynamic Control and optimisation of high NOx regions by the creation of a real time dynamic NOx Map and the active management of Range Extended Electric Vehicles This proposal is to investigate the feasibility of creating a publicly available real time NOx map and impact (by vehicle) of managing NOX production when a REEV?s range extender is dynamically controlled remotely. This control is based upon route and real time NOX data measured at the road side and centrally collated Teva Motors Ltd SME T-TRIG
2014 NOx Mitigation by absorption in solid mineral polymer matrix The proposal, then, is to produce and test a range of polymers, designed to pick up NOx molecules and then desorb them under certain stimuli. The quantifiable absorption properties would then be available to assess the feasibility for their use to prove the concept as a cost effective and safe solution to the issues of roadside NOx concentrations. Alsitek SME T-TRIG
2014 Traffic management measures to mitigate NOx- reducing impact to high risk road users This projects tests the feasibility of integrating NOx detection, pedestrian detection and traffic management systems. These systems will be linked in a model to test two benefits in urban areas: Firstly, the protection of high sensitive receptor group (pedestrians) to NOx and secondly, the absolute reduction of NOx. Siemens Large T-TRIG