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DfT’s permanent secretaries’ meetings, April to June 2020

Updated 29 October 2020
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Name (Permanent Secretary Only) Date Person or organisation that meeting was with Purpose of meeting
Bernadette Kelly 2020-04-01 ARUP Meeting with members of ARUP to discuss current projects they are working on including Rail decarbonisation
Bernadette Kelly 2020-04-02 Boeing UK Meeting to discuss Boeing but also general discussion on the aviation industry
Bernadette Kelly 2020-04-16 Port of Felixstowe General meeting to discuss the maritime industry and shipping
Bernadette Kelly 2020-04-24 Stage Coach Discussed litigation
Bernadette Kelly 2020-05-11 First Group Discussed face coverings, transport data, Covid response
Bernadette Kelly 2020-05-28 Rothchild Discussion with Executive Vice Chairman on recent COVID issues
Bernadette Kelly 2020-05-29 Bechtel Discussion on recent transport issues and current work Bechtel is undertaking
Bernadette Kelly 2020-06-08 Go-ahead Regular catch up including impact of Covid-19, Local Transport and franchises
Bernadette Kelly 2020-06-10 Abellio Biannual catch up including impact of Covid-19 on franchises
Bernadette Kelly 2020-06-18 Arriva Quarterly catch up inclduing impact of Covid-19 and franchises
Bernadette Kelly 2020-06-18 AG/Ryanair/Easyjet Meeting to discuss the health of the aviation industry and coronavirus impacts. Initial discussion of impact of quarantine travel measures.
Bernadette Kelly 2020-06-26 Go-ahead Preparation for Go-ahead speaking event that Bernadette attended
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Not set Meetings were conducted in line with Government requirements during the COVID-19 emergency. For larger meetings, a collective description may be applied Not set Not set