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Catalysing Green Innovation programme winners

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Project title Applicant Project technology type Project summary OLEV funding Total project cost Location
Disruptive cooling systems for electrification sub-systems Ricardo Ltd Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) Developing an electric motor concept embodying novel rotor, stator and distributed power electronics cooling technologies with 15-20% performance improvement over public domain automotive applications. £190,231 £380,462 South East
Project HYDRO (Hydraulic Design to Revolutionise Off-highway) JCB Earthmovers Ltd Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) An industrial research project that aims to improve the efficiency and optimisation of hydraulic systems for heavy-duty, off-highway zero emission vehicles. The project will design, manufacture and commission a demonstrator vehicle which requires 40% less battery capacity, offering a significant cost saving opportunity. £91,855 £183,710 West Midlands
Innovative EV bus bars (EVBus) Samuel Taylor Ltd, TWI Ltd. Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) Establish the feasibility of developing a process to manufacture multi-material connectors for both the electrification and power supply markets. £96,866 £134,833 West Midlands
ALLOWS (Advanced liquid cooling of power electronics) Hieta Technologies Ltd, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Ltd Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) Feasibility study into the liquid cooling of power electronics. The project aims to develop more efficient cooling that reduces or eliminates some of the thermal barriers between electronic components and coolant, enabling chipset modules to become more power dense. £154,094 £245,884 South West
Electrified Propulsion Systems: Digital Twin Based Design and Optimisation Ricardo Ltd Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) Produce a definition of a Digital Twin for electrified powertrain sub-systems for virtual product development, including model hierarchy, data exchange, historical data management and standardised interfaces. Simplified models using automatic model reduction, that allow faster interactions when results are required at small time scales. £113,748 £227,496 South East
Gallium Nitride (GaN) traction inverter for ultra-low emission vehicles Green Solution Engineering Ltd Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) Prove the feasibility and quantify the economics of GaNDrive technology through design, build and testing of a 10kW traction inverter for ultra-low emission electric vehicles. £99,786 £142,551 East of England
Advanced Cell Test Feasibility Study Cognition Energy Ltd, Imperial College London Batteries Investigate advanced test methods to create a rapid cell chemistry characterisation tool that will allow EV developers to pick the highest performance cells for fast charging EVs, saving months or potentially years of testing. £82,734 £104,776 South East
Graphene sensor for battery cell predictive monitoring (GENSOR) DZP Technologies Ltd, University of Warwick Batteries Investigate the technical feasibility of novel graphene sensors for predictive monitoring and improved safety of lithium ion batteries. The vision is to establish the graphene sensor as an integral part of the Battery Management System. £83,450 £106,378 East of England
SmartBat: Smart busbars for flexible battery pack design CDO2 Ltd, DZP Technologies Ltd Batteries Demonstrate a new technology for flexible battery pack design and assembly, which allows the integration of sensors and switches to optimise pack energy density and safety. £101,751 £145,359 South East
Commercialisation Roadmap for Niobium xEv Anodes (CORNEA) Echion Technologies Ltd, Johnson Matthey PLC Batteries Develop a fast-charging battery for automotive applications based on Echion’s new anode material, Mixed Niobium Oxide (MNO), which enables a unique combination of safe, fast charging, high energy and power density, long cycle life and low cost. £175,599 £267,845 East of England
Cold Sintering of Composites and Solid Electrolytes (CSi CASE) Johnson Matthey PLC, University of Sheffield Batteries Develop a multi-layered solid state battery to address industrial challenges such as handling, processing, and scaled production of the electrolyte materials, which are critical to enable manufacturability of solid state batteries. £128,088 £197,544 South East
Design of Battery Packs for Reuse, Remanufacture and Recycling AVL Powertrain Ltd Batteries Existing battery pack design processes will be assessed for suitability of end-of-life processes. Based on this assessment, new battery pack design guidelines will be developed to facilitate efficient reuse, remanufacture and recycling processes for electric vehicle batteries. £68,996 £137,992 East of England
Battery Passport Codesmith Technology Ltd, Electra Commercial Vehicles Ltd Batteries Battery Passport works across all battery manufacturers, Battery Management System providers and vehicle manufacturers to build battery data and offer recommendations to vehicle owners for extending battery life, by changing behaviour in areas such as maintenance and charging. £152,980 £339,956 Yorkshire and The Humber
Connected BMS: Virtual Fleet Data for Battery Life Management Ricardo Ltd Batteries Develop a test platform for monitoring and prognostics of battery health as part of a connected Battery Management System. £112,481 £224,961 South East
REVEL (Retrofitting Electric Vehicles to Extend Lifetime) Brill Power Ltd, Ate Power Ltd Batteries Develop a 48V battery prototype module featuring Brill Power innovative Battery Management System technology and AMTE battery technology. £190,338 £271,912 South East
Lightweight Battery System with Thermal Control and Thermal Run-Away Prevention Features ALP Technologies Ltd Batteries Using ALP's existing BRIC technology for energy storage, address the thermal runaway safety risk of Lithium ion EV batteries with the development of advanced thermal management features to meet high vehicle performance needs. £106,915 £152,735 London
Pouch cell architectures for extremely fast charging QDOT Technology Ltd, AMTE Power Ltd Batteries Assess the feasibility of optimising current pouch-cell architectures for heat extraction; combining the result with Qdot's battery cooling technology to enable extremely fast charging. £162,662 £232,374 South East
Quick Change Sodium-Ion Traction Battery for Commercial Vehicle Applications AJE Powertrain, Ltd Faradion Ltd Batteries Feasibility study exploring the benefits of applying sodium-ion cell technology to a traction battery pack for a medium range HGV, focussing on a swappable battery pack system. £199,811 £285,444 North West
Adaptive Rapid-Charging for Li-Ion Batteries (ARC) Edge Mobility Ltd Batteries Feasibility study evaluating the potential to extend the lifetime of rapid-charged battery systems with new battery management technologies that can accurately estimate changes in the health of the cells and control the battery's performance. £127,194 £181,706 London
A multi-channel battery module balancer for safe battery commissioning Hypermotive Ltd Batteries Explore the feasibility of an off-the-shelf, multi-channel battery balancer that is designed to support a wide range of battery chemistries, capacities and voltages, for use within battery manufacturing/assembly and servicing environments. £73,870 £105,529 East Midlands
Accelerated Multiscale Modelling of Batteries (AMMBa) D2H Engineering Services Ltd, University College London Batteries Improve the ability to simulate the performance of batteries quickly and accurately, thereby enabling better designs to be delivered in less time and at lower costs. £135,129 £189,834 South East
Ultra-fast charging battery system for electrification of urban delivery vehicles Mahle Powertrain Ltd, Allotrope Energy Ltd Batteries Develop a new type of battery pack which can be recharged at a rate of 1000 km/h, to enable aggressive downsizing of battery packs for urban delivery vehicles. £101,398 £186,831 East Midlands
The Integrated Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Lithium-ion Battery Module (Hydrium) Bramble Energy Ltd Hydrogen Fuel Cells Demonstrate fuel cells incorporated within conventional lithium-ion battery modules, enabling a duel fuel cell and battery pack unit within a vehicle. £314,941 £449,916 South East
High-Performance Electrode Plate Coatings for Lightweight Fuel Cell Stacks (HiPerEPC) Teer Coatings Ltd Hydrogen Fuel Cells Creating a high-performance electrode plate coating for lightweight fuel cell stacks. £60,281 £100,468 West Midlands
Connected Secure in Cable Control and Protection Device for Electric Vehicle charging supporting mode 2 and 3 use EV Parts UK Ltd, University of Exeter EV Charging Infrastructure Creating a reliable, connected, sustainable and secure charging device at a competitive price, aimed at increasing wider adoption of EVs. £165,592 £226,972 South West
ABOVE (Applying Battery Optimised Vehicle charging Environments). Agile Sustainable Venture, Development Partners Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Feasibility of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging with battery-enhanced charging infrastructure, removing the need for grid upgrades. Also developing optimisation algorithms which improve the response times for key markets and mitigate potential vehicle unavailability for charging without impacting the grid services. £138,494 £197,848 London
CCS V2x Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Project building on existing technology (based on the competing CHAdeMO standard) will develop a variation of the hardware for the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard, extending V2G and vehicle-to-home capabilities of EVs equipped with CCS inlets. £349,782 £499,689 West Midlands
Connected Smart Charging Miralis Data Ltd, Envisij Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Building on a previous smart charging project, develop optimised algorithms that create smart charging schedules for fleets taking into consideration tariff optimisation, charge levels, grid load balancing, prioritisation, and demand side response. £257,817 £368,310 North West
AC charging with EV metadata and State-of-Charge (ACES): for truly smart charging and V2G Hypervolt Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Feasibility study to optimise smart charging and V2G in residential charging. £80,059 £114,370 London
EV infrastructure investment calculator (EVIC) Zeta Specialist Lighting Ltd, Urban Integrated Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Develop a site locator and business case investment tool into an investment calculator which will demonstrate to investors the likely return on investment from charging infrastructure deployment. £136,968 £195,669 South East
SDC Power Core - Novel ZEV supercharging hardware Petalite Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Building on an Innovate UK rail project, develop a charging platform prototype based on a patent pending EV charging "SDC". This has 50% less components, higher reliability, longer working life than existing products. £318,826 £455,465 West Midlands
Real-Time Distributed Optimisation of Dualed Transport & Electrical Networks City Science Corporation Ltd, University of Exeter EV Charging Infrastructure Develop a fully integrated, real-time transport-electric-hydrogen network simulation and optimisation engine to deliver the most cost-effective planning and operation of new transport-integrated electrical/hydrogen systems. £210,826 £266,934 South West
Novel high power EV charging system for fleets, HGVs and public charging EVC Powertech Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Evaluating the feasibility of a rapid electric vehicle charging solution by creating a single site-wide charger that can charge up to 24 vehicles simultaneously. £209,966 £299,951 West Midlands
Expanding Urban E-mobility Urban Electric Networks Ltd, Albright Product Design Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Designing, prototyping, testing and costing for manufacturing a modified version of the UEone, a pop-up charge point, designed to accelerate EV adoption in urban areas. £135,410 £193,443 South West
Ox Gul-E Oxford Direct Services Trading Ltd, Oxfordshire County Council EV Charging Infrastructure Develop a design and prototype for a purpose built 'cable gully', which can be used to safely transit an EV charging cable from a home charger to EV parked at the kerb, allowing the user to use their home energy supply to charge their vehicle. £160,233 £202,942 South East
Advanced grid, billing and asset metering services for home EV charging EV Dot Energy, Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Test the feasibility of delivering advanced grid and billing services using smart charging software and smart chargers, providing services back to energy utilities and system operators. £163,115 £246,790 South East
Autonomous Robotic Arm charging solution trial. UPS Ltd, Powerhydrant Europe Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Developing an innovative automated robotic arm for EV charging of fleets at the UPS Camden centre. This technology has the potential to facilitate charging of autonomous vehicles and high-power trucks. £204,370 £314,709 London
Advanced Grid Services Provided by Optimised EV Community and Fleet Charging SNRG Ltd, Cranfield University EV Charging Infrastructure Feasibility study to identify the technical requirements for a software platform/app for owners and drivers of fleet vehicles as well as EV communities and develop Advanced Grid Services. £158,397 £200,595 East Midlands
VHF rectification for fleet and HGV wireless charging solutions Inductive Power Projection Ltd, University of Warwick EV Charging Infrastructure Develop a high-powered very high frequency rectifier to provide fleet and HGV wireless charging solutions at significantly enhanced power densities. £110,110 £143,218 North West
Feasibility Study: The Smart EVSE Franchise (Em)powering Global Charge Networks Hypervolt Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Feasibility study into a technology to create substantial efficiencies in the global EVSE value chain, helping the business expand globally without requiring a physical presence. £75,636 £108,052 London
Apartment Block EV Charging Feasibility Mina Digital Ltd, Evergreen Smart Power Ltd EV Charging Infrastructure Feasibility study to build the business case and prototype necessary for smart hardware and software integrations to enable people who live in apartment blocks to rent a chargepoint for their parking space on demand. £77,834 £111,191 Yorkshire and The Humber
Rapid Automotive Composites Engineering (RACE) Icomat, NCC Operations Ltd EV Light Weighting Develop and commercialise manufacturing methods for hybrid metal-composite parts and apply it to a representative automotive component. £174,644 £221,068 South West
Assessment of electroformed hydrogen tank liner Ultima Forma Ltd, NCC Operations Ltd EV Light Weighting Feasibility study assessing the use of a new patented electroformed material for high-pressure hydrogen storage in vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells. £133,278 £168,706 South East
ENABLE Fiba Tech Industries Ltd, NCC Operations Ltd EV Light Weighting Investigate the development of novel phenolic sheet moulding compounds for automotive applications, which will improve the strength to weight ratio and deliver the safest products for composite applications in terms of fire, smoke and toxicity characteristics. £135,353 £171,333 South West
Vaircon - Continuously variable air-conditioning drive for PSV Magnomatic Ltd, Eminox Ltd Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Develop a Magnetic Continuously Variable Transmission (mCVT) system that is optimised for automotive ancillary drive applications. £193,185 £294,074 Yorkshire and The Humber
QPLZEV(c) Roadsweeper Concept Feasibility Quattro Plant Ltd, University of Exeter Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission There are no Zero Emission powertrains on the market which can fit into a road sweeper and satisfy the demands of a normal working cycle. This project will design and test a hybrid electric/fuel cell powertrain for road sweepers. £294,466 £499,332 South West
Feasibility study into electric powertrain for the OX developing market utility truck The Global Vehicle Trust, Potenza Technology Ltd Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Demonstrate the commercial and technical feasibility of an electric powertrain for a truck designed for poor roads and infrastructure. This will be the world's first electric vehicle designed for the developing world. £103,620 £158,921 West Midlands
Cargo POD Westfield Sports Cars Ltd, Cranfield University Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Develop an electric in-wheel powered aircraft cargo pod with an innovative integrated Carbon Ion fast charge pack, capable to charge in minutes. A vehicle demo is planned for the Dubai Expo with the DIT and Emirates in Nov 2021. £296,978 £386,109 West Midlands
Invo-CVT; Zero Emissions Electro/mechanical Drive train suitable for 50 t + HVG applications. Involution Technologies Ltd, Contract Innovation Ltd Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Develop an electric drive train to be retro fitted into the largest HGV's enabling full electric, zero emissions operation at lower cost against diesel powertrains. £111,006 £179,920 West Midlands
Feasibility Project to Significantly Extend Range of ZEVs via Novel Ultra-High Efficiency Direct Drive System Deregallera Ltd Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Develop and demonstrate using simulation and laboratory testing, an ultra-high efficiency direct drive system that can be retrofitted to a current production zero emission vehicle (ZEV). £215,006 £307,151 Wales
Powertrain for zero emission HGVs Arcola Energy Ltd Electric Powertrain and Vehicle Transmission Following on from Arcola’s previous R&D projects on hydrogen fuel cells buses, design and validate a fuel cell powertrain for 18 tonne HGVs. £346,760 £495,372 London
Motorcycle Front Wheel Electric Drive & Regeneration White Motorcycle Concepts Ltd Electric Motorcycle, Quad, Trailer Develop a prototype aerodynamic electric motorcycle incorporating front wheel kinetic energy recovery. Building upon a patent pending concept, the integration of this range extender is only possible due to the front-end stability benefits of this concept. £198,111 £283,016 East Midlands
Electric Motorcycle with Modular, Configurable Battery System Brace Technology Tirius Ltd Electric Motorcycle, Quad, Trailer Design and develop a dual-sport (on and off-road with 250-450cc engine size) e-motorcycle which utilises modular, quick change, off-board charging energy storage plus a bespoke electrified powertrain developed in 2 prior NVN projects. £266,149 £380,213 North West
EAVmove – Feasibility Study into the expansion of zero-emission EAV products into the Passenger Transport market (PHV) Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd Electric Motorcycle, Quad, Trailer Feasibility study expanding the current EAV product line eCargo bikes into the passenger mobility market: a four-wheeled electric-assisted pedal-powered passenger vehicle (Taxi), capable of carrying up to 3 passengers. £156,512 £223,588 South East
Project ZERAUD Proof of Concept Hybrid Truck Trailer Prototype Clairvaux Ltd Electric Motorcycle, Quad, Trailer Produce a prototype electrified semi-trailer that can be coupled to a tractor unit for proof of concept work and for demonstration to end users / potential investors in preparation for larger scale trials and pre-production development work. £255,525 £365,036 North West
EV ASSIST – Feasibility Study of Vehicle-User-Network Optimisation Enable ID Ltd, West Midlands Combined Authority EV software / Mobility Technology Assess the technical feasibility and commercial potential of "EV Assist", a personalised travel assistant that will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase use of electric vehicles and infrastructure. £196,249 £259,119 West Midlands
Precision range estimation for EVs utilising advanced battery modelling Spark EV Technology Ltd, University of Warwick EV software / Mobility Technology Develop an optimised predictive battery model for range estimation with machine learning capability to adapt to the tolerances between batteries for each vehicle unique drive and charge cycles. This will be tested on a Nissan Leaf in real world conditions. £133,699 £169,239 East of England
Hy4Fleets EDF Energy R&D UK Centre Ltd EV software / Mobility Technology Feasibility study that will develop and test the value for an assessment tool to support decision making and encourage the transition of diesel-powered HGVs and bus fleets to hydrogen fuel cell fleets. £51,045 £102,090 London
High-Efficiency, Low-GWP Transport Refrigeration (HELGTRe) Sunswap Ltd, Imperial College London EV Refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Develop a high-efficiency transport refrigeration unit using a low global warming potential working fluid. £123,488 £157,309 London
Monolithic MOFs for efficient vehicle HVAC systems Immaterial labs Ltd EV Refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Addresses HVAC efficiency as a critical challenge for the wider adoption of electric vehicles through the development of a filter that enables the recirculation of cabin air, omitting the need to heat and cool fresh air. £193,095 £275,850 East of England
Air Cooling for EV Thermal Management (AIRCOOL) Fetu Ltd EV Refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Validate the FeTu's novel Air-Cycle, a refrigerant free cooling system, in a purpose-built test rig that simulates an electric vehicle thermal management system. £150,115 £214,450 Yorkshire and The Humber
HEV waste heat recovery system Sunamp Ltd EV Refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Explore the challenge of maintaining HEV cabin heating when the engine is off using thermal energy storage devices. £123,458 £176,368 Scotland