Transparency data

FCO counter fraud cases April 2019 to March 2020

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Date Location Allegation Resolution (including any sanctions) Gross Loss (GBP) Net Loss (GBP) as at end of March 2020 Lesson Learned
May-19 Asia Pacific Contractors staff included personal items in an imported FCO consignment. Employee was dismissed for gross misconduct. £0 £0 Implementation of stricter procedures for shipments.
Jun-19 Europe UK based officer made personal transactions on their Corporate Credit Card (mostly taxis and takeaways). Officer was dismissed after other unrelated issues were also taken into account. £5,000 £0 None.
Jul-19 Europe Overuse of taxis rather than offical vehicles, non-payments of personal elements of dental care Dental care issue was resolved with Finance direct and money for taxis was refunded £26.15 £0 Officer reminded of the guidance around use of taxis and payment of personal elements of dental care.
Aug-19 Europe FMCU reported the disappearance of 9 antique clocks from storage in KCS. Conclusion was made that the clocks were unlawfully removed from the building and loss was reported to the Police. Police are unable to investigate further as there are a lack of leads. Items remain listed on the Police stolen antiques list. £53,000 £53,000 Security processes reviewed.
Aug-19 Africa Theft of part of the contingency imprest. Money not recovered and written off. $2500 $2500 Post instructed to adhere to mandated checking regime around contingency imprests.
Aug-19 Africa Allegation of fraud relating to bottled water deliveries. Post had no documentation of what bottled water was being delivered and what had been delivered - therefore not possible to investigate further. £2,800 £2,800 Guidance was reviewed and tighter controls put in place around the purchase of bottled water.
Aug-19 Asia Pacific Expense team identified personal spend on their Corporate Credit Card for an officer on annual leave. Accepted this was accidental personal spend. Amount was refunded by officer. £1,400 £0 None.
Sep-19 Asia Pacific Travel agent was inflating the price of tickets. Contact with the Travel Agent was terminated by Post following legal advice. £1,000 £1,000 Post reviewed their processes for purchasing travel tickets.
Sep-19 Asia Pacific Newly recruited Finance/Budget Officer claimed personal expenses on the Corporate Credit Card including meals and hotel costs for family member whilst on a work trip Officer was dismissed for gross misconduct in line with local law and TACOS. Accepted responsibilty but refused repayment. Legal action was considered however was not taken due to potential cost of legal action against the amount lost £126 £126 Staff reminded of mandated procedures for using the Corporate Credit Card.
Sep-19 Americas Officer's purse was stolen, containing the Corporate Credit Card and its PIN. Criminal was able to use the card to make 4 cash withdrawals. Card was cancelled and incident reported to the police. Unable to recover funds from RBS due to PIN use. Officer was given a formal written warning based on gross negligence and will be paying back a precentage of the amount over 9 months. £983.33 £412 Staff at Post reminded to comply with mandated procedures for the use of the Corporate Credit Card including the need to keep PIN numbers safe.
Sep-19 Asia Pacific Ex-staff member used their Corporate Credit Card after departure. Post was not aware of individual being in possession of a Corporate Credit Card. Ex-staff was able to make purchases on Amazon. Post advised the bank of the fraudulent activity and the card was frozen. Ex-staff member was dismissed before this incident due to poor performance and time management. Amazon was able to refund the purchase completely. £3,699 £0 Post requested list of ALL Corporate Credit Card/Government Procurement Card owners so they can monitor them more closely.
Sep-19 Asia Pacific Use of Corporate Credit Card by an officer for personal and family transactions. Officer was dismissed for gross misconduct. No recovery of funds as ex-officer refused to pay stolen funds back. £150 150 None.
Jan-20 Asia Pacific Ex-officer in consular section was found to have been appropriating FCO consular funds during their employment. Ex-officer has agreed to repayment of funds in monthly installments no later than March 2021. Matter was reported to Bangkok police on 8th April £57,000 £41,742 Controls at Post reviewed and changes made.
Jan-20 Africa Loss of satellite phone, recurring charges on the phone. Phone was cancelled, however no recovery possible. £5,700 £5,700 None.
Feb-20 Africa Estates Officer used GPC to pay a different company for a job completed by another supplier. Officer resigned before the fraud was uncovered. Efforts to contact the paid company failed as Post could not receive a response £175 £175 None.
Feb-20 Europe LE Officer submitted unusually high claim without reciepts for an overnight hotel stay on offical business Disciplinary panel was held. Officer was dismissed and the amount was deducted from their final pay. £120 £0 None .
Feb-20 Africa Allegetion of theft of cash from staff house. Cash ws not secured in safe provided, door to room left unlocked. Anyone with access to the building could have taken money therefore no further investigation undertaken. £300 £300 Staff at Post were reminded to secure all vaulables in line with guidance and use the security equipment provided.
Feb-20 Africa Small procurement issues identified after an officer resigned Post reviewed and found nothing further. £175 £175 None.