Transparency data

Home Office's ministerial meetings, January to March 2018

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Minister Date Name of organisation or individual Purpose of meeting
Amber Rudd 15/01/2018 London Women's Forum In capacity as Minister for Women and Equalities (inc. 8 Jan 18)
Amber Rudd 21/02/2018 Apple General Council Discuss Encryption
Amber Rudd 27/02/2018 UK Finance Economic Crime
Amber Rudd 28/02/2018 Hanbury Strategy Introductory Meeting
Amber Rudd 05/03/2018 Director General CBI Exiting EU
Amber Rudd 28/03/2018 Vittoria Colao - Vodafone Exiting EU & Security Matters
Nick Hurd 10/01/2018 Grenfell United To discuss Grenfell
Nick Hurd 11/01/2018 North Kensington Visit Visiting the Grenfell site
Nick Hurd 17/01/2018 CC Mark Collins Police funding
Nick Hurd 22/01/2018 College of Policing CEO Introductory meeting
Nick Hurd 22/01/2018 PCC Matthew Scott and CC Mark Collins Police funding
Nick Hurd 22/01/2018 PCC Per McCall Police funding
Nick Hurd 22/01/2018 CC Ephgrave Police funding
Nick Hurd 22/01/2018 John Bercow Regarding Buckinghamshire FRA
Nick Hurd 24/01/2018 CC Dave Jones Police funding
Nick Hurd 24/01/2018 Barry Quick Discussing Grenfell victims
Nick Hurd 24/01/2018 Simon Rickets Discussing ESMCP
Nick Hurd 24/01/2018 Doug Patterson Discussing Grenfell victims
Nick Hurd 31/01/2018 Steve Jacobs Discussing Grenfell victims
Nick Hurd 05/02/2018 David McNeil TFL introduction meeting
Nick Hurd 05/02/2018 Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce To discuss Grenfell
Nick Hurd 06/02/2018 Dame Martina and Nick Stace Introduction meeting
Nick Hurd 07/02/2018 Grenfell Site Visit
Nick Hurd 26/02/2018 Alfie Family and Jeremy Wright Meeting with the families
Nick Hurd 28/02/2018 Kathryn Holloway Meeting about crime
Nick Hurd 28/02/2018 CC Peter Goodman Meeting about crime
Nick Hurd 06/03/2018 Acting Chief Constable Orford To discuss the gun hotline
Nick Hurd 07/03/2018 Acting Chief Constable Laurence Taylor To discuss the issue of homelessness
Nick Hurd 12/04/2018 Chief Constable Andy Marsh To discuss the progress of the gun hotline
Nick Hurd 12/04/2018 Gill Andrew - Marshall (Gun Control Network) To discuss further the need to legislate ownership of guns
Nick Hurd 14/03/2018 NPCC Chief Officer Day Gave a 30 minute speech on the importance of the police force
Nick Hurd 14/03/2018 Hannah Deacon Phone call to Alfie Dingleys mother
Nick Hurd 15/03/2018 College of Policing Visited the College of Policing in Coventry
Nick Hurd 19/03/2018 Roy Wilsher (Fire-fighters) To discuss the issues being faced by fire-fighters and pay
Nick Hurd 20/03/2018 Digital Policing Summit Speaking on wellbeing
Nick Hurd 20/03/2018 Alfie Dingley family To discuss about Alfie's treatment options and what the Home office can do
Nick Hurd 21/03/2018 Red Thread Visit Visit St Mary's Hospital to see the work they were doing with youth
Nick Hurd 21/03/2018 Lord Levenson To discuss further about the forensics issues
Nick Hurd 28/03/2018 Callum McLeod Police Federation first introduction meeting as he has just taken over
Ben Wallace 23/01/2018 Cifas - Simon Dukes Introduction to Cifas
Ben Wallace 23/01/2018 Take Five Launch Take Five Campaign - Keynote Speech
Ben Wallace 24/01/2018 Launch of One Million Friends Launch One Million Friends against Scams - Keynote Speech
Ben Wallace 30/01/2018 Times Interview - Francis Elliott - political editor Discuss Serious Organised Crime
Ben Wallace Feb Nil Return Nil Return
Ben Wallace 01/03/2018 Barclays - Prudence Smith UK Finance - Stephen Jones Microsoft - Hugh Milward Amazon - Lesley Smith Cyber Aware Campaign Roundtable - Launch the perceptions gap report
Ben Wallace 12/03/2018 National Law Enforcement Conference - Team CyberUK Deliver a Keynote speech
Ben Wallace 13/03/2018 Reform Roundtable with Cifas and Reform Deliver a Keynote speech
Ben Wallace 15/03/2018 Pool Re Board Briefing on CT
Ben Wallace 21/03/2018 Media - Sky News - Adam Parsons Criminal Finances
Caroline Nokes 23/01/2018 Meeting with Bishop of St Albans Discuss register of marriage bill
Caroline Nokes 30/01/2018 Meeting with G4S Introductory meeting with Peter Neden & Jerry Petherick
Caroline Nokes 05/02/2018 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Mr Gonzalo Vargas Lloas - introductory meeting
Caroline Nokes 06/02/2018 United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund - Lily Caprani Introductory meeting
Caroline Nokes 08/02/2018 Yarls Wood Tour of the facilities and accommodation
Caroline Nokes 26/02/2018 NASSCOM - R Chandrashekhar, President of NASSCOM & President-Elect Debjani Ghosh Introductory meeting
Caroline Nokes 08/03/2018 British Redcross - Mr Michael Adamson & Naomi Phillips Introductory meeting
Caroline Nokes 13/03/2018 Russell Group Universities - Dr Tim Bradshaw, Prof Sir David Eastwood & Dr Hollie Chandler Introductory meeting
Caroline Nokes 19/03/2018 Mitie - Colin Dobell, Managing Director & Danny Spencer, Operation Director Introductory meeting and to discuss HM Chief inspector of Prisons inspections report Harmondsworth immigration removal centre.
Caroline Nokes 22/03/2018 Gatwick Airport - Chris Woodroofe & Dawn Nigli Introductory meeting to discuss incentivising enhanced Border Force service levels
Caroline Nokes 22/03/2018 Heathrow - John Holland-Kaye- Chief Executive Office , Jonathan Coen - Director of Customer Relations & Service, Cameron Gray Establish a positive foundation for future Ministerial engagement with HAL
Caroline Nokes 26/03/2018 Daniel Korski, Max Chambers Discussion regarding guidance with Heathrow to build the world's first seamless border control
Caroline Nokes 27/03/2018 Refugee Council and Refugee Action - Maurice Wren (RC) & Stephen Hale (RA,) establish a relationship between Mr Wren & Mr Hale Introductory meeting to secure Refugee Council & Refugee Action support for Government emerging on future Asylum and resettlement strategy
Caroline Nokes 29/03/2018 Visit to Harmondsworth & Colnbrook Colnbrook and Hardmondsworth Immigration Removal Centres
Victoria Atkins 01/02/2018 Meeting with Acid Victims - Jabed Hussain, Riaz Ali and Anton Shelupanov To discuss acid attacks
Victoria Atkins 01/02/2018 Operation Encompass - Domestic Abuse Charity Consultation Meeting for the Domestic Violence Abuse Bill
Victoria Atkins 05/02/2018 Drinkaware Alcohol Strategy and an Introductory Meeting
Victoria Atkins 05/02/2018 Refuge - Sandra Horley Consultation Meeting for the Domestic Violence Abuse Bill
Victoria Atkins 07/02/2018 Cllr Simon Blackburn - LGA Consultation Meeting for the Domestic Violence Abuse Bill
Victoria Atkins 22/02/2018 Meet people at the Ben Kinsella Trust Knife crime
Victoria Atkins 23/02/2018 Trusted Relations Launch - CSE Child Sexual Exploitation
Victoria Atkins 27/02/2018 PCC Matthew Scott NPCC Lead on Mental Health Issues
Victoria Atkins 28/02/2018 Equality Now Jacqui Hunt Consultation Meeting for the Domestic Violence Abuse Bill
Victoria Atkins 06/03/2018 Simon Pountain Ind Monitor for the DBS Introductory on Disclosure and Barring Service
Victoria Atkins 06/03/2018 London Assembly members Domestic Abuse Campaign register
Victoria Atkins 14/03/2018 Sammy Woodhouse The campaign for Sammy's law - on Child Sexual Exploitation
Victoria Atkins 19/03/2018 Dr Bowden-Jones - ACMD Chair Introductory on Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
Victoria Atkins 20/03/2018 Isabel Hardman - the Spectator Domestic Abuse Consultation
Victoria Atkins 22/03/2018 Visit to Redthread - St Mary's Hospital Paddington Redthread - Knife Crime
Victoria Atkins 26/03/2018 Various Organisations - Safelives - MARAC Multi Risk Assessment Conference - to discuss best practice for Domestic Abuse Victims
Victoria Atkins 27/04/2018 Roundtable -airlines Easyjet, Jet2, Thomas Cook, Ryanair Selling of Alcohol in Airports
Victoria Atkins 27/04/2018 Agenda - Katharine Sacks-Jones Domestic Abuse Consultation
Victoria Atkins 28/04/2018 NPCC Lead for Modern Slavery - Shaun Swyer Introductory and Modern Slavery
Baroness Williams 25/01/2018 Stonewall - Ruth Hunt CEO Introductory meeting as Equalities Minister. Discussion on the Gender Recognition Act and LGBT Equality
Baroness Williams 31/01/2018 Sara Khan - Counter Extremism Commissioner Introduction as new commissioner
Baroness Williams 31/01/2018 Paul Wiles - Biometrics Commissioner Biometrics discussion
Baroness Williams 07/02/2018 Dean Godson - Policy Exchange Discussion on Countering Extremism policy
Baroness Williams 22/02/2018 Sara Khan - Counter Extremism Commissioner Introduction as new Counter Extremism Commissioner
Baroness Williams 07/03/2018 David Isaac - Equalities and Human Rights Commission Introductory meeting as Baroness Williams became Equalities Minister
Baroness Williams 21/03/2018 Adrian Joseph - Home Office Non-Executive Director Introductory meeting on the data portfolio